Monday, February 15, 2016

The Old Brown Horse

The old brown horse is all hooked and ready to start on the background. Normally I like hooking some background and the outside perimeter as I'm hooking so boredom doesn't set in early.  But as I was considering adding a motif wanted to see my wool colors next to a completely hooked horse first.
With the horse hooked below is what I'm considering using as the sky and ground.  Actually my first choice for sky was another more dull and somewhat grey blue but didn't have enough for the sky and the two colors wouldn't have worked well together.  So will use this blue then dab on some black walnut dye mix to dirty it up a bit after it is hooked.
The old brown horse seems lonely all alone in the pasture.  So was thinking of adding a friend.  IF I do this the new fella would need to be hooked in #8 or smaller.  Sigh, yes I can do that and since small wouldn't take long.   But try doing definition of ears in #8 on a small piece ~ may have to go the dreaded narrow cut route.
So there ya have it.  So see Lauren...... despite your thoughts it isn't all done.  And don't you three girls dare (you know who you are Lauren, Kim and Julia) say anything about the old brown horse's tail.

Our weather overnight was predicted for my county to have a powder snow with 1-3" north of me.  UH, ended up with 5" of snow here.  But yippee, tomorrow it should be gone since the temps will be in the 50's. Unpredictable crazy Delaware weather.



  1. Oh I heard all about the donkey tail:) love the bunny what size do you usually hook in? Is 8 small for you.

  2. Can't wait to see how those colors look in the background.
    I am thinking the bunny might be too detailed for the naiveté of the piece?
    Maybe go with a cut out body, one arm and leg sticking out and ears hanging back as he looks up?


  3. But you are close and will be done soon!
    You better quite picking on me!!! You might damage what little self esteem I have :(

  4. Oh my goodness, I can see you made a special effort on the horse tail. It almost rival Lauren's donkey tail. Your horse is finished and I'm not distracted by the background and I'm wide awake this time and I think you have misplaced a very important piece of anatomy... bawhahaha.

    Your horse will have a place of honour in the barn of fame...

    Weather wise we're having freezing rain and the roads are very slippery.
    Stay safe .

  5. I do like the bunny and the color of the horse. I think Lauren has started something with her donkey and now your horse. I don't think I will ever be able to hook a horse or donkey with out thinking of you two. LOL Wait that didn't sound right!

  6. Love that old horse. He looks a bit weary, don't you think?


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