Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Checking on the Bunny and Old Brown Horse

Since  the old brown horse (antique adaptation) looked all alone on the linen thought it needed a critter.  At first tried poses of a bird looking up but was way too small for hooking on this already small mat.  So decided to do a bunny. Must admit there were doubts as to whether or not the bunny would look like an animal at all using my worms.  

I have hooked, pulled out and changed colors to show define lines around the ears laying back on the bunny so now I'm checking it out. See the grey outline of the one ear?  Originally there was another half ear hooked with that same wool.  But pulled it out and used a piece of rabbit wool with a natural woven grey line instead.  Now wish I'd gone with my gut.  But hey, it still does look like a rabbit, right?
This is another setting on my camera without a flash it isn't blurry but too dark.
The rabbit wool started out with #8.5 strips... honestly.  Then after using those decided in certain places (face spots, tail and inside one ear) I should use a #8.  So took a piece of that same wool and cut across grain across the short side to have only enough for what I needed.  My 'go to' cut is #8.5 and #9 now so don't want any extra strips any lower than that collecting in my baggies.

Yesterday there was 5" of snow here in my yard.  Today with the rain (torrential at times) and temps in the 50s that snow is gone.  But winter isn't over I'm sure.

Have a good evening everyone; I'm going to have the last of my chili and continue on with my Old Brown Horse.



  1. The bunny seems to fit right in.

  2. I had my doubts, but I think the bunny looks great.
    My go to cuts are the same as yours. I joke that an 8 is a fine cut.
    Crazy weather. We only got maybe 2" and it will be in the 50's by week's end.
    Hugs :)

  3. I like the rabbit. My cut is an 8 because that's as large as my cutter will cut. Hopefully this year will be the year for a new cutter.

  4. Like Lauren, I wasn't real sure when you mentioned the bunny. But I like it, and now the horse oesn't seem so weary LOL.

  5. I like he came out, just right and makes the piece so sweet and still folk art.
    I would just wait till I had the background in, then you can decide if there is anything you want to change on it, but I think the subtle look works well with it.


  6. Perfect bunny ! He looks great.
    Lots of snow melted yesterday, but there is still so much white everywhere and ice !
    Stay warm.


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