Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Work in Progress

HUH?  That title would indicate there really was some progress being made, don'tcha think?  If only I can clear the hurdle of the checkered flag I'll be happy.  
Interesting that I sent a link to my friend Deb and she suggested my hooking a grey on the checkered flag's underside.  DUH!!!!  Why the heck didn't I think of that???  After all, I did hook a yellowed white in the underside of the white flag.  But maybe that should be changed to a light grey white too.

Ya see what I mean?  I keep pulling loops, keep rehooking and soon I'm afraid that I'll have to hand stitch a patch of linen to the foundation to reinforce all the rips and rehooks.

SO.... before I pull out more white on the checkered flag am trying to decide if all the white under the curve should be the grey or just where it is now to indicate a shade in that area.  Plus wonder how to hook the flip on the right side of the pole of the checkered flag.

Meanwhile, I'll finish the green flag and start on the others before tackling the white and checkered.   Besides, there's also the border and background to keep me entertained until attending rug camp with Barb on another rug.

Still another rainy day on Tuesday and over a week of rain and I'm over it.



  1. I'd say you are making great progress!
    Happy hooking :)

  2. Its looking real good,, saundra,,,, I know what u mean tho,,,, but get it dkne and tweak later,,,, its great,,, love ur blog,,,, thanks for posting,, hope ur rajn stops sokn,,, good for the growing season,,,

  3. It looks so good I hope your grandson appreciates how much time it takes to do this gift


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