Monday, May 2, 2016

What a Deal!

Believe me this is a happier post than the other where I'm frustrated with the checkered flag hooking, re-hooking, ripping and hooking again. So now moving to the good news.....

Today I ran some errands, one was a stop at Walmart to pick up a few things.  Went to the automotive section to pick up an item and the walk took me by the electronics section.  Heck, I didn't need anything but saw a huge yellow CLEARANCE sign so looked at the wall.  Woohoo!

My iPad cover is light grey and the corner which is used to lift the lid has gotten dog eared.  This is the smart cover which completely encompases the iPad.  Can't remember what I paid for it new but it is now old.
To help lengthen the life of my iPad cover I'd often make a paper corner to lift the cover and not ruin the corner further.  But you can see it is also dirty, tho I've tried to wipe it with a soft soapy cloth to keep it clean.
What caught my eye was an iPad cover on clearance.  It was different in that it was just the top which connected with a magnet rather than having the flexible fold that you see above.
So now I have a darker cover which attached at the top with magnets and it won't show dirty finger marks as much.  And... wait for this.....
Originally the price was $69 and I purchased it today for only $10.  Holy Moly Molly.

There were two there, both black. So check out your Walmart if you need a new cover.  Maybe you'll get lucky and find something special. My friend Deb has a special cover which is artistic.  Cannot remember where she got hers but am sure it cost more than $10.

Have a good evening.  



  1. Nice score! I paid way more than that for mine

  2. I have the same cover that you are replacing. Small world.
    Hugs :)

  3. Always nice to find something we need, on sale. I got a nice one that is like a notebook cover, so it has lasted years and does have the magnetic closure which i like.


  4. yeah I always love to find a bargain.

  5. Don't you love it when you score.


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