Monday, May 30, 2016

Simple Gifts

Am finally going to post an update of Simple Gifts (a design by Karen Kahle) started at Barb Carroll's on May 16th.
Naturally there is purple in the rug because it was hooked with Barb. The purple cat is easy to identify but you'll have to tap on the picture to see the purple hit and miss in the border since it is the same value as the border color.

I love what Barb did with the pig.  It was just a cookie cutter outline and she drew two lines to make it more like a Wessex Saddleback pig. Now that's special!  She even shared some pig racing stories and how she obtained the collection of pig memorabilia in her cottages.

When hooking the left side border and saw that yellow stripe pop had my doubts.  But now that I've continued hooking am remembering what Barb said about filling in those hit and miss lines.  It goes something like this....'the color corners are on the outside looking in at the party inside; and the border wants to be part of that party..'  So I was to take the colors of the animals and let the border join the party.  

Taking a class with Barb is always special and when I look at each of the rugs hooked in her classes remember special conversations we had. AND, didn't realize that Barb also remembers her people.  When at her color planning table this year she brought up a story about a rug with a scroll she color planned for someone else.  Then she referenced the E.S. Frost Sheep with Scrolls she color planned for me.  Goodness, my rug was hooked back in 2011 and she still remembers mine and a whole conversation started with yet another hooking insight on scrolls.  

Barb loves teaching and truly enjoys the connection with her students. She has integrity, a gift for color and just wish some of her intuition and color sense would rub off on me.  Try tho I may have not been able to obtain that instinct thru osmosis so far.

Happy Memorial Day to all of you and God Bless the men and women who have served our nation and to their families.



  1. Goodness, girlfriend ~
    You do an AWESOME job color planning your rugs! I am envious of your color skills.
    You will be done with this soon!!! I know you still have Zach's rug to work on, but what's next?
    Happy Memorial Day to you.
    Hugs :)

    1. For the record, it was Barb who color planned the rug from the wool I took.

    2. I was talking about all the other rugs you hook 😊

  2. I LOVE the anology of the party and the bits outside wanting to be inside where all the action is! LOL

  3. I noticed the pig right away. It looks awesome

  4. Your mat is really great! I can imagine a class with barb would be memorable, ,,,, love the saying about the border! Just rereading her book now,,,, thanks for the inspiration , saundra,,,


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