Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Impeccable Purchase

Boy am I one lucky woman.  Two eBay purchases from the same person arrived in my mailbox today.  The Two Crows below measures 12 1/2" x 25 1/2" and is impeccably hooked.  Tap the photo so you can see how she used the wool colors.

Here is a picture of how perfect the whipping and binding was done. 
I could barely see the stitches... reason is she is really a quilter and everyone knows quilters have precise detail and tiny but perfectly even stitches.
And then......the other great purchase was Flag Day Sheep.  Yes, I recently hooked that Woolley Fox design but changed it up.  So when seeing this one on eBay was hoping it would be affordable for me to have as the design was intended.

Here is the back of the sheep rug.  Again perfect.  This one measures 20" x 23 1/2". 

Yes, I must be crazy because as Cammie once posted on her blog "how many rugs does a hooker need before they have enough?"  Obviously there must not be enough in this house even with the floors, walls and floor containers holding them.  Perhaps it is time for me to put some of mine on eBay.

Not going to share the price I paid for each of these because it is a sin to get them for such a low price and I'd be embarrassed.  Frankly it isn't fair to the gal who did such a great job ~ doesn't even pay for the wool used, not to mention the hours it took to produce them.  And yes, I feel guilty.  Damn.... gotta run to the trash container and pull off her address from the box.  Maybe I can make it up to her in some way.  

Have a great evening, and it is yet another rainy day.  It will be soon two weeks where there has been rain every day.  Guess the farmers have been busy doing the rain dance to prepare their fields for harvest.



  1. Wonderful rugs and even though I hook, I love the rugs given to me by others.


  2. I am so bad!!! And nosey. You should be arrested for stealing those rugs. Wonderful purchases.
    Hugs :)

  3. Beautiful mats,,,,, they have a wonderful home,,,,, great,,,

  4. These are beautiful rugs, Saundra.
    I have an idea. Why don't you send her some beautiful wool for her hooking use ?
    Just a thought !

  5. Great rugs, but it does sadden me to see them being sold for such low starting prices. Great for you and a rug hooker who truly appreciates what they are!

  6. yikes! you must have a million rugs I thought I had a lot but you are hooking circles around me and then now you are buying them all I can say is GO Girl!


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