Thursday, May 26, 2016

My Other Rugs Hooked with Barb

Seemed only fitting for me to use purple text again when talking about Barb.  In the previous post you saw the first rug hooked with Barb, which was Kinderhook Basket.  The next rug hooked at camp with her was Woodland Deer, another Woolley Fox design under the category Keeping the Past Alive.  You can see the purple in numerous leaves spread about the trees.  
I actually used Barb's idea when hooking a design from one of Barb's books.  The pattern was called July Cabin and instead of flags on the trees I changed to be more like the trees above since I so loved how it turned out.  Here is that rug, the book is titled American Folk Art Rug Hooking and has 18 projects inside.  
You can see that I really got into the 'purple' stage by making a purple moon.

An E.S. Frost Sheep was a 'must have' for me and there were a couple versions but the one with scrolls is the one I knew Barb could help me with.  Even tho scrolls were very intimidating it seemed my home needed to have one.  So figured if anyone could hold my hand thru the job it would be Barb.  Doesn't this look rich and old with the worn spots?  It hangs over my fireplace.
Next rug hooked at a Barb class was Brave Hunter; yes, another Woolley Fox design.  Now here is another story you may find interesting.  There were two of us in class who just happened to be hooking that same design.  Each turned out way different due to our individual wool color choices taken.  Here is mine and I can see the purple even without tapping on the photo to enlarge it.
In that class was sweet Deb Burcin and based on the colors she took to class this is the prize that Deb hooked.  Deb says this is one of her favorites not only because it was hooked in Barb's class but because the deer/moose was hooked with purple and green and the antlers were from an orange plaid skirt.
The following year I hooked Lion in the Woods, a pattern gifted me by my friend Evelyn Lawrence.  It is an antique adaptation offered by Port Primitives.  WHAT??????  Could it be we missed putting purple in this rug?  I enlarged it and don't see any purple.  Maybe I'll have to pull that rug out and hook some in somewhere.  
Oh Deer was the rug I chose to hook in class with Barb.  I'd seen Barb's version while at her camp and got bitten by the bug.  That happens to me a LOT.  Case in point is that while at Barb's I purchased wool to hook Olde Hearts, another Woolley Fox design.
The following year it was Magdalena's Farm on my frame with Barb.  I love Barb and all of Magdalena Briner Eby's designs.
During the year I designed an antique adaptation called Chum, which I offer as a pattern.  It is my feeling the same person who hooked Ned is the person who originally hooked Chum.  So it was Chum which was hooked with Barb the following year.
And this year I'm working on Simple Gifts which is still in progress and will keep you updated.  My only regret is that I didn't attend a Barb Carroll class earlier.  IF you are interested in having a class with Barb you can contact her HERE.  Don't know her schedule but if you contact her I'm sure you will hear back.  

Have a great evening everyone and happy hooking.  BTW, I hook summer as well, for my hooking isn't just a winter project.  With summertime chores it does curtail the amount of time spent with a hook in my hand but enjoy the journey anyway.



  1. I love them all, but my favorite is Brave Hunter. Deb's version is wonderful, too.
    Hugs :)

  2. Wow! Saundra,,, thanks so much for the rug show!! Just wonderful,,, all of them,,, must really do one now!! I will get that book out and see what pattern I will hook! Using all textures and plaids! ( I have alot),,, thanks so much,,, love purples!!

  3. Great rug show! My favs:
    Oh Deer (colors and energy!),
    Frost Sheep (simple scrolls),
    Lion in the woods (tough looking little dude!).

  4. wow oh wow what wonderful rugs! I have to go see if I have that book.

  5. Loved seeing all your "Barb" rugs..


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