Monday, May 23, 2016

What We Hooked in Class

My pal Deb was working on a Woolley Fox design called 1920 Stags.  I have cropped off the bottom for a purpose which I won't go into detail about.  Those random strips of color are hooked in as the vein of leaves in the trees.  The tails will eventually be hooked in and you can't see them yet as that wasn't accomplished by the time of this photo.
Shari took a footstool design purchased from Kim Nixon several years prior.  The hooking world lost a talented young woman gone far too soon.
Sure do wish more of that burgundy background had been hooked in before I took this picture so you could see the impact on the colors. Looking great Shari!!!

Next is what friend Mary was hooking.
As you can see it is called "Yesterday's Spring" a design by Lin's Primitive.   Mary plans to make this into a big pillow.

Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of Joanne's rug as she was busy at work.   Besides I wanted last day shots and Joanne left before I had a chance to take a photo of her rug.  Have asked my gal pals if they got one.  If so, will post it tomorrow.  

Joanne has said her friends like my blog so showed her on my iPad. Would you reading friends please inform her how to read email, connect to blogs, etc.  I'd have emailed  Joanne but she says she doesn't check it.  OMG, JOANNE!!!!!!!!  Luv ya girl.

So guess what ...... that means I'm holding out showing mine until tomorrow too.  I did take a current photo of progress today but tomorrow there will be more hooked and a better presentation. Besides, I want to talk a little about that woman Barb and will be the perfect time.

Sure hope this 'thang' Shari shared is over soon; even Barb is under the weather.  So folks, just remember to COVER YOUR MOUTH when you cough and sneeze.  Germs really do travel airborne over quite a distance.  

I just took disinfecting wipes to rub down my computer mouse, the phone, my TV remote, etc.

Hope you have a great Monday evening.  Now I'm going to go pull a few more loops.



  1. Gorgeous rugs and I love those colors with the burgundy, that is going to be stunning.


  2. You were hanging with some talented hookers!

  3. What fun. Can't wait to see more.
    Hugs :)

  4. Thanks so much for sharing the mats,,,,, wow,, just beautiful, ,,, sounds like a perfect rug week,,,, looking forward to seeing ur mat and hearing about barb,,,,, I have her book,,,, and must do one of the patterns in it sometime,,,

  5. Wonderful rugs, and each so different. Can't wait to see yours. Feel better soon.


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