Saturday, May 28, 2016

We Five Gals at Camp

With all the equipment handy, Barb was able to send me photos she had taken of us 5 gals before we left Ligonier.
Above, left is Deb who was hooking 1920 Stags, a Woolley Fox pattern and Shari who is hooking a foot stool cover.
In this photo above is me hooking a Karen Kahle design named Simple Gifts; Joanne who is hooking a design of which I'd forgotten the name, and Mary who is hooking a design named Yesterday's Spring. Both Joanne's and Mary's patterns were done by Lin of I Love Rughooking, tho I didn't see a visual of either pattern on the web site. 

If any of Joanne's friends are reading my blog please let Joanne know that I've sent her an email and prod her to check on her emails at least once every two weeks.  At camp she was complaining that when she did check she'd have lots of stuff to delete.  But if she would check her emails more often the emails wouldn't mount up that much.

On another note....finally Spruce Ridge Studios web site is up again. And if you click on that link provided, scroll down to the middle of row 13 and you will see my hooked version of Nantucket Broom Ride.  Wow, what an honor for my version to be chosen as the poster child for that pattern.  Thanks Kris for choosing mine, and thanks Barb for the 'care package get well card' when I was hooking it.
God Bless America, God Bless all those who served and their families. Have a safe and happy holiday.



  1. Wonderful rugs. I'm amazed at how work everyone got done! Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It's the next best thing in being there.

  2. I enjoyed seeing the rugs everyone was working on at Barb's. Thanks for sharing. Lori

  3. Thanks for sharing! WONDERFUL rugs in progress. Share with us if you get updated pictures from your friends.
    Hugs :)

  4. Your "honor" is well deserved. And thanks for sharing the rug updates.

  5. Love seeing all these projects! I've always wanted to make a footstool so that one really caught my attention!

  6. Wow, you gals hook large rugs! I really need to get back at it

  7. It is a small group but you get lots of one on one time.
    Congrats on having your rug picked to show that design

  8. All the mats are wonderful,,,, what fun,,, nice small group,,,, perfect,,, nice pattern on kris web,,, will take a look,,,,
    Have a great memorial weekend,,,,,

  9. Hi Saundra,
    All of the rugs look amazing and LARGE!!!! Love all of them and so happy you all had such a great time together!!! I saw your rug on the new Spruce Ridge site and was so happy for you!!! Big Congrats, Saundra!!!
    Hope you enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, and God Bless the USA!!!!
    Warm Hugs~

  10. Lovely certainly had a productive class!!

  11. That looks like the type of class I would enjoy and congratulations on having your rug chosen as the pattern photo, that is such a beautiful rug.



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