Friday, May 6, 2016

That Checkered Flag

Not sure if you can see the difference but the checkered flag had some white wool replaced with a light grey to give the look of shade.  It's all hooked but who knows if it will remain this way.  I mean it isn't as tho my grandson is an art critic and know he'll be happy with anything his grandma makes for him. 

The jury is still out about that very bottom right corner white block. Was thinking maybe it shouldn't be as dark grey as on the left under the fold but also not as white as the very white.   Am I being too anal here?  I know dear Kim is going to have a great comeback.
If you noticed I also started hooking the red flag instead of the  next one to the right because it sits on top of the other flags.  A tried and true theory is to 'hook what is on top first'.  Had I hooked the next one in line (to the right of the checkered flag) first it would have distorted the hooking lines of the red flag.

Below are two different previous 'before' shots.  First one is when I was hooking all white in the blocks and was getting concerned.
This one shows where I started to change the blocks to grey in the fold so it didn't look like a pile of black and white misshaped squares. 
OH, forgot to mention that I also pulled out the yellowish wool in the fold shade of the white flag and used a very light grey instead. Mistake or not this is the way it is going to stay.

Thank goodness I noticed the Orioles logo was drawn too low and moved it up.  Now it will be more in line with the Redskins face rather than being the same distance from the border as the feathers of the logo.

Hope you have a wonderful evening and a better weekend.



  1. Rug hooking can be hard! Is it just me but I am ripping out more then normal.
    All those decisions you have to make can make your head hurt.
    Your rug as always is looking nice.
    Hugs cheri

  2. Not sure what you mean, but it looks good to me, the shading seems just right on the flags, not too dark or light, but maybe that is on screen.


  3. Great flags! Love the hometown team!

  4. Anal?? Were you potty trained at 3 months or something?? Lol. I kid you but I admire your constant desire to tweak. I'd give up

  5. I think it looks great, saundra,,,, really like what u have hooked,,, fun mat,,, bet u are gettjng excited about ur workshop coming up,,,,, have fun,,,,

  6. You are amazing! I think I need to pay better attention to my hooking.


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