Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

My gift to my followers on Mother's Day is a showing of old rugs.  Yeah, my favorite past time is looking at old rugs too.
OMG, this geometric ~ call it blocks, diamonds or squares ~ has images hooked into the center of each.  I see a hand, basket, sliver moon, yarn winder, bird and fish?  For the person who hooked this old rug am sure all those blocks had a meaning.  To me this is a happy rug.

Below is a black cat with green eyes.  Another rug for you to show your mom Kelley.  It is reported to be hooked in the early 20th century.
This gorgeous black horse below was hooked in 1934 as you can see by the date hooked. The hit and miss border is gentle and I like it; would make a hit and miss border much less stressful in my opinion.  Uh, think I previously posted this because now I recall talking about the saddle detail which was great.
Don't think I've ever seen a southern silhouette hooked rug before.  I wonder if it was yarn, nylons, or alternate 'make do' textiles.  
The faded out white cats rug was found in Lancaster county.  No estimate of date was given.
Here is a donkey with hit and miss background.  The auction site gave provenance to Ephra, PA and guess of being hooked between 1940-60.

Below is a horsehoe and cats rug with hit and miss background.  This one does a trick with my eyes.
Don't recall where I saw the Rabbit Rug with Diamond border but really like that border.  Oh the bunny and display is nice too of course.
Enjoy your Mother's Day.  Since this is the only day so far it hasn't rained in almost two weeks I've got some grass to cut ~ mother's day or not.  

Yesterday I drew out 12 small patterns and next week I'll be busy cleaning, and various other chores in order to leave for rug camp next Sunday.



  1. beautiful rugs!!!! Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Have a wonderful Day ! So nice to see the Sun again after such a gloomy week !

  3. Hi Saundra,
    What a lovely Mother's Day gift!!! I always love to see the rugs you share and have not seen many of them before!!! Yes, that cat/horseshoe rug really does play tricks on your eyes!! Fun rugs, all!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day and don't work too hard!!!
    Warm Hugs~

  4. Hugs to you on this Mother's Day. Mine was spent doing yard work and tomorrow I will probably have a hard time (well, harder than normal) getting out of bed. This body isn't used to that much physical work!
    Hugs :)

  5. Love that bunny rug. Have a great week getting ready for your class.

  6. I had a great Mothers day I went out and bought some chives and mint.
    I loved the bunny rug the best. Great rug show Saundra.

  7. Love all these beautiful old mats,,,, love them,,,,
    Hope u had a great moms day,,,


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