Saturday, May 21, 2016

Day One with Barb and Friends

 Previous camps with Barb there had been 5 of us friends.  Then sadly Char became a Snowbird and we haven't seen her since; we communicate via email but isn't the same as spending camp time together.

So to pick up the slack and fill a spot was the wee bit of a woman Joanne Henderson.  Here she is getting her new rug color planned by Barb.  Joanne is a lot of fun and quite a powerhouse in all the great ways.
Below and to the left is Shari and to the right is our other friend Mary. Shari generously shared her illness with us and learned that Mary got sick after getting home too.  You can see my seat was a direct airborne shot across from Shari.  Was working on my grandson's rug until time to get my new rug color planned.
In blue (below) is Deb, a true friend who was the navigator across the Allegheny mountains and a great roomie at rug camps. 
The Three chicken rug below is an antique adaptation which Shari was hooking before getting her camp rug color planned.
Deb was working on a Magdalena animal purse by Woolley Fox but forgot to take a picture of it.  Joanne was hooking a Granny Donaldson humongous rug, below.  It is so big that I couldn't get the whole rug in a photo.
Just love this primitive hit and miss hooked mat made by Barb and plans are for me to do a hit and miss again too.
Will share more tomorrow.  Going to hook and drink lots of water and get thru these next couple days of illness.

Oh, I am looking for more of this wool; it must be a really old piece because Barb doesn't recall seeing it; and Betsy said it wasn't theirs. If anyone has this wool and would like to sell me some, please contact me ~ any amount would do as I'm using it for part of a border.



  1. Beautiful Rugs !
    It's always so much fun to get together with others who hook, stich, punch, etc.
    Not sure about the wool. Did you try Rebecca Erb ? Looks like an older wool from her. Sometimes I wish I could go back
    and purchase all of those 'older' wools that I didn't buy at the time or ran out of !!

  2. Hope you all are feeling ok and hooking away.

  3. Looks like a fun class and hopefully you will feel better soon.


  4. Feel better soon!
    Sorry I can't help you with your wool dilemma.
    Looking forward to more.
    Hugs :)

  5. Sorry about your bug, hope it's gone idea about he wool you're looking the pics at Barb's...I could live in that basement!

  6. Oh, sorry you got sick. Rest up and drink fluids (water or fruit juice - not wine). Kidding, really, feel better soon

  7. Glad ur tjme away was good!! Hope u find the wool,,,, or could u mix it with something else similar?
    Looks like a great place to have a hooking week!! What fun,,, looking forward to seejng what u started,,,, feel better soon,,,,

  8. sounds like fun but so sorry I looked and I don't have that wool.
    feel better soon


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