Tuesday, May 24, 2016

What I Hooked in Class

I was sorta hoping this post was going to be what we (Joanne and I) hooked in class but still don't have a photo of her rug.  So, this will be just about my rug tonight.
This is a Karen Kahle design called Simple Gifts and was designed in the Magdalena likeness for sure.

Love all my animals and color choices Barb chose.  The light background and dark border were what I was hoping for as well so was happy she also envisioned that.  

Now I'm questioning my choice of colors for random hit and miss stripes in the border chosen from colors inside.  Dear Barb left that to my devices so now thinking the yellow and grey at the second limb needs to be changed to a more dull color.

You probably also noticed that I did the two rows of straight stitching and row of zig zag 1" away from the last row of hooking already.  That is because I knew the border wouldn't change and it is much easier to manipulate a rug around a sewing machine before it is hooked than later.

Now....unless I get a picture of Joanne's rug, tomorrow I plan to talk about Barb and being in her class.  Hey, it must be good news since I've been there at least 8 years straight.

On a negative note...... remember my hatred for my new riding mower? That still lingers.  Hmmm, maybe that is what my post will be about tomorrow to get the anger out of my system.   Sears repair can't get here until June 7th and already my lawn hasn't been cut for over a week while I was gone.  

SIGH......talk to self......"calm down, have a glass of wine and hook to relax"  

Enjoy your Tuesday.



  1. Wine and hooking can calm my nerves too ! Like your new rug. How about your grandson's?

  2. I love that pattern I saw it on Karen's site. Don't worry about the grass get a goat.

  3. You have gotten so much hooked! Lookin' good.
    Sorry about the lawnmower troubles. You will need a goat before June 7th. BAAAAAAAAAA! (or is that a sheep?)
    Hugs :)

  4. You must have had an electric hook at Barb's, you got so much done. Love your color choices. Why is it that lawn mowers, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners always need repair???

  5. Love the rug and the colors and agree, the bright colors pop too much and distract from the design. I don't do ride ons, I prefer the old fashioned push so Bill does the lawn;)


  6. Love ur mat, saundra,,,, its such a cute pattern and perfect for barbs workshop,,,, love all the colors,,,,
    Hope ur lawn mower gets fixed soon,,,,
    Always something, ,,,, you got so much done,,,,

  7. You really got a lot hooked. I'm impressed. Sorry about the mower. I understand the anguish, something always seems to be broken here too

  8. I've always love that Kindred Spirits pattern - your version is looking VERY good!


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