Wednesday, June 29, 2016

An Upcoming Rug Exhibit

There is going to be an exhibit in Onancock, Virginia from July 8th until July 29th.  It will be at Ker Place.
The Joker is hooked by Julie Marie Smith.

The Tower was hooked by Michelle Micarelli and was lucky enough to see it in person last year at Cape May.

Actually I'm not certain those two will be in the exhibit but I'm sure there will be a magnificent showing.  My friend Lynne Fowler is picking up the rugs and taking them to the Museum for hanging today.  They will be on display for the month of July beginning July 8th.

You may also want to click HERE because there are more interesting events happening in Onancock.  

Hey, guess what.... just switched out rugs from grandson's sports rug to Ned.  If I get off this computer maybe I'll get some loops pulled on Ned.

Have a great evening.



  1. that will be a great show for sure.

  2. Hope you made some progress on Ned.
    Hugs :)

  3. Sounds like a great exhibit. I love rug shows because often there are people who are seeing rug hooking for the first time and are very intrigued. A great way to show off this beautiful old art form.

  4. Bet the exhibit will be top notch. That is where Eric lives now. Is he exhibiting?


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