Thursday, June 23, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy

Believe it or not that is not a complaint as it is a good thing to keep the mind and body busy.  Also thought of naming the post "when it rains it pours" but for a few weeks all the rain wasn't such a good thing when it was flooding.  However, I'm talking about pattern drawing.  I'm right in the middle of drawing patterns for someone knowing there could be more added to it.  

Thankfully I'm halfway thru this order.  Then, yesterday I shipped off my last drawn Domestic Zoo pattern and today get an order for another. 
So now you can see the linen has been cut, edges serged and will draw this one out tomorrow.  Hey... life is good even when it pours pattern orders.  Besides it gives me more pocket change for rug camps.

Which means my grandson's sports rug didn't get a lot of progress  but this is what it looks like now.  When taking the photo noticed I've pulled out a few loops which means rehooking.
Oh lordy I'm worried about having enough blue background.  Me thinks me will be looking for that recipe.

TGIF tomorrow for you worker bees.  Have a great evening and a more fantastic weekend.



  1. Thats alot of work,,,,, but fun people want the patterns,,,, ans extra money for more wool!!
    Take care,,,,

  2. Oh it is great that you have so many orders! I love your grandson's rug and yes I am so glad it is tgif!

  3. Your grandson's rug is coming along nicely...good luck with matching the blue wool with new dying...I have well water here so every time it's different...Domestic Zoo would make me half mad to draw up...

  4. You have to love all those orders ! Take your breaks where you get them ;)
    The rug looks great. Hope your Grandson doesn't read your blog and see it !

  5. I bet your hands are all smudged with sharpie ink. I get it all over myself. Good job, that's a lot of patterns


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