Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Goode Witch

Finally the Be Goode Be Nice witch is all finished and bound.  Was too excited to post a picture so it hasn't had it's final steam and might not even get done after all.  
What remains is the final steaming (maybe) and stitching the label to the back.  BUT, since I screwed the label by forgeting to delete the date 2015 next to my county and state will re-do the label.   Let me explain... I have a document which is re-used each time a group of 6 or 8 labels are printed out.  Sadly I forgot to delete the 2015 date.
The label shows the original artwork of Lori which inspired the pattern offered by Spruce Ridge Studios.  I even tacked on a skeleton key instead of hooking the one drawn on the linen.  Thankfully Kris draws those little elements into Lori's patterns so the hooker can choose what to do.

Today I haven't pulled a loop on the lion as I was determined to finish this one and have it ready for Halloween.

Enjoy your Sunday evening.



  1. Hey Girl!! Nice witch rug. At first I thought it was a picture of me, but my complexion is paler. 😜 I'll never catch up on past posts so I hope all is well.

  2. She is a good witch for sure.

  3. The skeleton key is perfect!
    Your labels are the best. Sorry you mucked up and have to re-do them.
    Hugs :)

  4. That rug is really beautiful, you did such a nice job with color selections and your label is perfect for it.


  5. Beautiful work - as always.
    Love the label- a quick fix of the date and you'll be ready to go !

  6. Great mat!!! Wow,,,, love it,,, great colors, sweet label,,,,,, take care,,,,,,

  7. Love it... you are very talented.

  8. and a beautiful finish it is ~ the added key is the icing ;)

  9. Another one done. How prolific have you been this year? Including those you started but didn't finish until this year.

  10. Hi Saundra,
    Love your beautiful rug and your labels are amazing....even with the wrong dates!! Hoping it was a quick fix and she is now residing proudly on your table!!!!
    Another wonderful job, my friend!
    Enjoy your week!
    Heart Hugs~


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