Saturday, October 15, 2016

Old Found Rug Photos

If you had to get a new computer because of a crash or whatever, then you know the new ones don't have a slot for the old 3.5 floppy.  Uh, sadly there were numerous photos saved on those because at the time was afraid of the new digital cameras. As I'm not so computer literate wasn't sure how to download the photos. So this old fashioned broad used a Mavica camera which used a 3.5 diskette. 

Recently a friend of mine rescued some photos.  From Cape May 2005 here are a few photos.  Not sure who hooked the first two...sorry.

For sure know the hooker of OPRAH was my friend Lynne Fowler.

In 2007 the following rugs were hooked by various people.  Mary Lynne Naples hooked the Top Heavy design.
The flag is a Lucille Festa hooked rug.
This was the year that I was first introduced to Magdalena's Domestic Zoo which is hooked by Evelyn Lawrence in 3 sections.  

There is a booklet researched by Evelyn of Magdalena rugs and published by Kathy Wright.  
Below is a rug by Lucille Festa called Maybelle.
This chicken was a pattern and kit by the late Patsy Becker.

The Cat rug below was an original design by Evelyn Lawrence.
Am making homemade Minestrone soup and still have NOT pulled one loop.  I'm getting ready as I've cleaned up  my worms and put them in their place.  

PLUS.... have also steamed Be Goode Be Nice.  Since my 'new' eye and old eye don't work together (yet) it is still a struggle to see well.  I know it will be wonderful.  But my prescription glasses and my new/old eyes are not cooperating.  Can't wait until both are fixed.

Maybe, uh, just maybe tomorrow I'll have something new to show you.

Have a great evening.



  1. Great rugs! Patsy's chicken is a hoot.

    Pug hugs :)

  2. Oh hope your eyes settle soon. Love that your pictures got rescued.

  3. Great mats,,,,,you always post awesome mats! Thanks so much,,, very much inspiration,,,,, take care of ur eyes,,,,,

  4. LOL you just can't sit still, now can you. Take care of yourself and don't rush the eyes..


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