Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Antique Rugs

Yeah, it's that time again.  Not a whole lot more accomplished on Be Goode so will give you some rug pictures to entertain you.  The first two rugs should give Kelley a treat, particularly the second one, I like that myself.

The border blocks are certainly adding color to the otherwise black and white rug.
A duck rug with a splash of color.  Sure do like that blotchy 'use what I've got' background.
I've never had the inclination to hook a schooner yet you see them on auction sites often.
I would, however, Like to hook the antique Moby Dick rug.
This is the same rug as above but different lighting.

The horse design below is probably an E.S. Frost Design.
OMG would you look at this yarn sewn rug below?  Totally awesome and cannot fathom the work and hours involved in the process.

A soft Hen and Chicks hooked piece which I think is brilliantly done to show a landscape using very little color but neutral values.  
Okay kids, time for me to eat and get hooking more on my rug.  I need the distraction from the thought of the pending hurricane as well as my cataract surgery on Monday.  But, will the hurricane be here Monday and delay surgery and extend the angst?

Today was a wonderfully mild and cool fall day.  Ben and I enjoyed our walks immensely.  

Have a great evening. 



  1. Oh, the Duck rug is just heavenly !!
    Enjoy the gorgeous weather.

  2. Love the rugs esp the whale love that one.
    Good luck with your eye surgery. My son in law just had it done last Thursday and it worked great he now has 20/20 vision.

  3. I have the whale rug pattern to hook. Should get busy on it, but have a couple others drawn out that will probably come first. Hope all goes well on Monday with your eye surgery & you have a calm weekend, hurricane Matthew, stay away!!

  4. Great rug show,,, thanks,,,,,
    Get that storm over with and eye surgery,,,,,
    Take care,,,,

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Loved the rug show and am so drawn to the ones with cats, but they are all amazing pieces!! So sorry you are having anxiety about both the hurricane and your surgery!! You will continue to be in my prayers for both!
    Now pick up your hook and let all those worries fade away as you pull each loop!
    Big Heart Hugs~


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