Saturday, October 8, 2016

Rugs Hooked by my Friend

My friend Deb is creative in numerous ways ~ she makes wonderful jewelry, has woven baskets, quilts, beads, makes dolls and mohair bears and the list goes on.  

Perhaps it is about time some of Deb's wonderful rugs should be shared.  Below is Adam and Eve Plowing the Garden which Deb started at a Barb Carroll camp.
Another huge design Deb hooked was the Animal Parade, a Magdalena design also started with Barb.
The New England Berry Tree is another Woolley Fox Design and, yes, it too was started with Barb in Ligonier. 
Deb is such a generous soul, she hooked this ottoman cover for our friend Toni and am sure that Deb also attached it to the ottoman. 
This is a very fanciful purse dear Deb hooked for me.  While I have used it a couple times I now have it hanging on the wall as a piece of art. Must say tho, that when wearing it I received lots of compliments and inquiries as to where it came from.  So Deb has made some and sold them as well.
This huge rug below probably looks familiar to all of you.  It is from the artwork of one of Picasso's paintings.
Here is the painting named "Picasso's Dream" and you can see the section Deb chose to hook.
Another artist's adaptation is that of Gustav Klimt.  Deb did this rug in an Ali Strebel class and adapted numerous techniques Ali taught us in that class.
 Hildafern was ....yes, started in a Barb Carroll class and is a Woolley Fox design.  For every one of the fern leaves Deb used antique paisley. I never knew there were so many different colors and designs of paisley.
The following rugs are all Woolley Fox designs.... Kinderhook Basket... 
....Berks County Bouquet......
....Got Wool.....
Another Magdalena design hooked by Deb at Barb's.
She has hooked numerous other Woolley Fox designs but I don't have pictures of them all darn it.  Here is a design Deb hooked last year at Cape May with Kris Miller named Little Fox.  It is a Spruce Ridge pattern designed by Ann Willey.  
Deb took some creative license on the fox and changed it to look like daughter Amy's dog Cam (short for Camden Yards, lol) who is  pictured below. 
In another class with Kris and a design from the art work of Lori Brechlin Deb hooked Glad Tidings.  Her hooked pieces is on the web site of Spruce Ridge Studios as the sample.
Below is another of Kris Miller's designs where Deb used all the techniques which Kris taught us in her class.
Okay, I've timed myself out as I could post numerous other wonderful designs my gal pal and perpetual rug camp roomie Deb has hooked.  But I'd like to get back to hooking a little myself so will call it 'time out' for now.  Enjoy your weekend, albiet MORE rain here.  



  1. Hi Saundra,
    My goodness, but those are some beautiful rugs!!! Deb is quite the rug hooker and love all of her gorgeous rugs, especially the Kinderhook and Magdalena ones!!! Thank you so much for sharing her amazing talents with us!!!
    Happy Hooking, my friend, and stay dry!
    Heart Hugs~

  2. She has done a lot of beautiful rugs and i love how she gives them her own touch.


  3. Wow,,,, what beautiful rugs ,,,,,just love them all, your friend has a talent,,,,, thanks for sharing,,,,

  4. Deb is an amazing hooker. I remember that purse. Beautiful and truly a work of art. So many rugs I'd love to hook...sigh.
    I bet your witchy rug will be done this weekend!!!
    Hugs :)

  5. Deb is a wonderful hooker great color choices. lucky you, you get to room with her.


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