Thursday, October 20, 2016

Red Lion Antique Adaptation

Sure wish I was a faster hooker so there was more of an impact when showing my updates on hooking projects.  
This is my adaptation of the antique which is considered a dog shaped lion.  To save you time here is a picture of the original Red Lion antique.
Most times I do try to replicate the original antique but couldn't seem to a friend described it....a tomato soup colored lion. Plus rugs need to fit and be loved in my home.

Must admit I'm having a problem using purple in the paws/claws of the lion as well as the mane.  There could still be more reverse hooked pieces in both.  Yet purple IS in the original antique rug.  Tap it to enlarge and check it out.

HEY.. it feels so good to have something to hook. Just hate those days when nothing is on the frame and recently had those days.

Enjoy the last of the warm summer weather here in Delaware.  BUT... I STILL have water in my back woods and misquitos were still chasing me and Ben down today.



  1. Oh, you are a fast hooker. You get more done than most of us!!!
    Tomato soup lion? Nah. Your choice is much better.
    Hugs :)

  2. I like your version better, the darker browns really look wonderful for this piece.


  3. Love ur version,,,, its great,,,, getting cooler here now,,,, take care,,,,,

  4. A faster hooker yikes you are so fast! I love your lion and was thinking when you started this that I don't think I would make him red so I love your choice.


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