Thursday, October 6, 2016

Be Goode, Be Nice

Its time for me to look at the rug in a different venue....the computer monitor.  Today I started hooking the lettering at the top and introduced a different wool so wanted to see if it will work.
At first thought to use the border wool which is Lumber Jack by Heavens to Betsy  which is a brown, deep dark burgundy and other nice dark colors.  Instead decided to use something close but not as dark. Besides there is a bold black hat and witch dress in black at the bottom to balance the dark of the lettering.  

The wording of 'be mine' in the word bubble was hooked using a green like that curve along the right side next to the soft pastel wool from The Wool Studio. Was afraid that might be too soft.

OH!!!!!!  I completely forgot to mention that is not a lost piece of wool on the witch's chinny chin chin.  That is a hair growing from her wart. Kris Miller and I laughed our butts off at the idea of having that.  Uh, and I can relate to having random hairs growing from my chin even tho there's no wart.

Now....funny thing is that after I have my cataract surgery on Monday these photos and the colors of the rug will probably look totally different anyway.

Hope all of you in the wake of the Hurricane come out unscathed. Although the weatherman says we here in Delaware 'may' be okay, we all know that there is nothing certain with Mother Nature and the force of wind and rain.



  1. Love this rug ! Hope you stay safe

  2. This rug is coming out so wonderfully, love the colors you used and the darker lettering. I am glad the storm is veering off, we have an art and craft show this weekend and I know a few vendors, so glad it won't be ruined for them and glad I can go and enjoy the show.


  3. Hi Saundra,
    Love the dark letters and wanted to share that Lauren showed me how to bead when she visited!! It totally makes sense and I even pulled a few loops! Yay!
    Glad things seem to be calming down! Stay safe!
    Heart Hugs~

  4. I swear with each rug you hook faster and faster! Be Goode is lookin' good :)
    Chin hairs...ugh.
    Stay safe, my friend.
    Hugs :)

  5. Love ur mat,,,,,
    Stay safe,,,,,
    Yikes,,,, hope florida survives! We are going for a month in november! I am sure it will be ok by then,,,,,
    Enjoy ur blogs,,,,,

  6. I love this pattern and you always amaze me at how fast you go through a rug. I think you lettering is wonderful.

  7. It's a beautiful rug and I agree with the others, you did hooked that in a hurry.
    I can relate to stray hair but they are over my upper lips and not on the chin although I call myself a witch sometimes.
    Have a safe weekend.
    Hugs, Julia


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