Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Red Lion Antique

Pulled a few more loops today and if I'm not known for anything else I'm known as the Queen of Tweak; a title given me by Kim.  This is what the rug looked like this morning but the ear wasn't defined well enough for me.
So decided to lay an alternate piece of wool in it's place to see how it would look.
Heck, why not pull out the other wool and use the alternate.  Besides, it wouldn't be the first time I'd changed my mind and put back the wool which was ripped out.
Do you remember me mentioning previously that I'd taken a picture of the wool planned for this rug?  Okay, put on your sunglasses. Why does this happen??????
Both the rug photo and this wool photo were taken at the same distance from me to the floor.  Although, the muzzle of the lion wool is not in this photo.  The two larger pieces of wool are what is used for the body of the lion.

Used for the muzzle was a very narrow strip of the last of a dirty gold and wish there was more of it.  Thankfully there was enough to do the muzzle but now have to find more from whom it was purchased.

Hope you are all enjoying this unusually warm temps in my part of the U.S.  There is still a lot of water in and around my yard and hope the heat and sun will help dry some up before the cold sets in.

Good evening everyone.



  1. my eyes or my monitor giving me issues here...the colors seem too similar to me in the hooking...

  2. Love love love it! we are in the warm weather for sure high 70's tomorrow.

  3. "Queen of Tweak" - sounds perfect!
    This gorgeous warm weather is surely a gift.
    Hope your water evaporates.

  4. Your lion sweet,,,,, looks good,,,,, I usually tweak something but notntill the end,,,, unless it REALLY bugs me,,,,,
    We have very warm temps too,,, very strange for almost end october,,,,it will change soon,! Too soon!!

  5. On my monitor your wools look orange and yummy - they really appeal to my eyes this time of year - think I need to get in the dye pot! LOL


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