Sunday, October 2, 2016

Be Goode ~ Be Nice

I wanted so much to hook more on the pattern but as happens to all of us, life gets in the way.  Had more patterns to draw and ship, but hey, that is what helps keep my habit happy.
Now must get serious on what will go on the frame next.  Yes there is more to hook on this one plus the binding.  But binding can be done in a doctor office and I've a few of those coming up.

Next month is another camp with kris in Ocean City, MD so there really isn't a whole lot of time to start even a small rug...mat.  So, Saundra just chill, do the binding on this one so it is ready for the show at next camp.

Sigh.... I'm feeling calmer already.

Have a good evening and please....let's be kind to one another.



  1. I do love that witch! I have some binding to do also.
    I hope your appointments are just routine.

  2. Wow! You get lots done,, I would say!! Another rug camp,,,, great !! Take care,,,,, love this mat,,,,,,

  3. How do you like that camp in Maryland? I have thought about trying to go t it sometime? When in October is it?
    I love that witch rug!!

  4. You are a hooking machine girl. Love how this is turning out.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Wow!! You sure do know how to pull loops!! Looking great!! Though I hate going to the Dr. and waiting, it is the perfect place for all those rug hooking details and you may just encourage someone new to start hooking!! How fun for you to be going to another rug camp!!!
    Enjoy your week and take LOTS of deep breaths, my friend!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. Another camp? Lucky you!! Wondering which rug you will be doing at that one? Beautiful fall day in Ohio, I need to go to the pumpkin patch!!

  7. I am home finally from my daughters house and ready for rug hooking group tomorrow. I love your rug Saundra! I will catch up with your blog after I get caught up with this house yard work this week. Hugs cheri


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