Saturday, October 29, 2016

Time Management Crunch

OMG, where has the time gone??  Here it is only 7 days before my next rug camp and I'm not done with the Red Lion rug.  Well, the lion is all hooked....or is he?  
Hooking up close under the OTT light over my right shoulder the colors seem okay.  For sure wanted the dark blocks hooked in, wanted the purple in the mane and toes as well as light in the mane.  But comparing the two is making me wonder what changes to make.   
Most of me is saying... hey, this is an adaptation and once on the floor or wall it will look just fine. That would make life easier for me for sure.

Haunting me is that in 7 days I've another rug camp.  Which means I've got to clean this house, gather items for the new camp project, make soup for the Ben/house sitter (yeah, my ex for those of you who know me).  

At this time it appears I'll be working on this in the hotel the night before rug camp.  So, no way I'm reverse hooking or making changes ~ at least for now.  Plans are to just keep hooking and deal with it later.

Oh, in case you're wondering the size of this rug is 17 x 24.  Not a biggie but was hoping it would be done before rug camp.  Meanwhile, tomorrow is a day to spend in the wool room and begin the gathering.

Happy Saturday.



  1. Well, the original is old and worn, so the colors have blended into each other with fading, so that makes a difference. My philosophy is, once it is on the floor, the dirt will blend it all together, lol.


  2. Your lion is wonderful!! Love it,,,, lots to do before you go,,, nice that someone comes in anyway ,, its easier thsn taking pets away,,,, take care,,,,

  3. My three day class starts tomorrow and I haven't started pulling my wool. Heck, I haven't decided for sure what rug I am! (But I am commuting so if I forget something I can retrieve it in the evening.)
    You are too hard on yourself. Red Lion looks mahvelous and you've gotten lots done!
    Hugs :)

  4. Isn't it funny that you feel the need to clean the house, make food, etc before you go away. I am the same way. I want to come home to a clean, orderly house so I can just unpack and fall into bed.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Love your version of Red Lion!! I know what you mean about time flying!! Seems like I am always behind and I don't have any rug camps to get ready for, either!! Hope you get everything ready that is really important and just leave the rest!! It will get done eventually!!
    Heart Hugs~

  6. I Love your lion. enjoy your rug camp I have nothing coming up for the foreseeable future. Good for you that you and your ex can do things for each other.


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