Sunday, October 15, 2017

Antique Rug Show

Woe is me.... I'm feeling guilty for being MIA for several days as I bind rugs.  In all honesty, since I've been binge watching the first two seasons of Outlander have noticed my eyes glued to the TV and not binding.  When the series was first advertised on TV I briefly considered watching it.  But I record so much on my DVR wondered where I'd find the time to watch it all.
Stars and Tulips above is from late 19th century the Kellogg collection in Pennsylvania.
Two kittens, late 19th or early 20th century above sadly has a tattered edge.
Three pups which is said to be early 20th century.
The above folky homestead appeals to me, perhaps because of the patriotic look with the stars and the stripes.   The auction site says it is early 19th century but though it has a faded look am wondering if it truly is that old or made to look old.  
The oval Scottie dog above shows little wear so may not really be an antique either.  But I like it.
Above is a Circa 1920 village scene.
The black and brown dog is early 20th century from Delaware, Ohio.
Ah, I can see the use of selvage edges being used for this diamond shaped hit and miss.  I've started collecting them and hope one day to do something with them instead of tossing the in trash.
For you geometric lovers here is one with scrolls and box corners.  I love the faded look of the center and the discoloring of the scrolls at the bottom.  

Happy Sunday to you all.



  1. loving the idea of a selvedge rug! clever, creative girl you are!!!! now get to it ;)

  2. always love seeing the older rugs.

  3. Thanks for show,,,,
    Love these older mats!
    So much inspiration!!

  4. I adore the next to last rug. Have it saved in my collection of want to do.


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