Thursday, November 30, 2017

It's A Beginning....

Although I HATE housework decided to wash my kitchen floor and dust in order to put out the beginning of Christmas decorations.  I don't put up a tree any longer since no one comes here at Christmas.  Christmas day I visit my son, DIL and grandson so can't see putting up a tree then put everything back in the attic.
I wondered if the gaudy gold painted mache' deer had been given to the thrift shop already, since I'm TRYING to downsize.  Thankfully they were still on the shelf in the attic.  The unpainted deer were purchased (I think) at JoAnne fabric or Michael's like over a decade ago.  

At least it is a start and goes with the antique adaptation rug I hooked of the Santa with Deer.  Looks as tho I need to get out a Sharpie and color that light edge of foundation....ya think?



  1. I love that rug happy decorating.

  2. You're ahead of me. I haven't even started to decorate. Nice little santa rug.

    Today I was cleaning pens and cleaning the milking parlor. I may have time to start Christmas decorating tomorrow before the grandkids arrive on Saturday. I'll have company for the first week of December. The weather is still kind of mild and no snow yet.
    I heard of an earthquake in Delaware, 4.4 magnitude. Did you feel the rattling?
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Don't laugh- I noticed the little rug before the deer 🙃

  4. Great little display! Love the rug.

  5. Decorating is one way to get me to clean and dust, lol.
    They deer go perfectly with your rug.


  6. Hi Saundra,
    Love the deer with your rug and I'll bet you are happy you kept them!! You are MUCH farther along than I am, but I hope to get started SOON!!! I hate cleaning, too, but it ALWAYS feels SO GOOD when I get a dreaded job done!!! Oh, and I LOVE your rug!!!
    Heart Hugs~


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