Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Little More

Have added a little more Christmas decorations inside the house so maybe by the time Christmas gets here in 19 days my house will actually look festive.  

On the mantel is a purchased paper mache' boot and a Santa with primitive tree I made a few years ago.  The E.S. Frost Sheep with scrolls rug I sell as a pattern and hooked this in a Barb Carroll class.  I love how Barb guided me to do the scrolls.
The paper mache' snowman face I made several years ago also.  It was intended as a candy container but decided to put greens in it.  And of course the Snowman mat is a design by Star Rug Company which was hooked a couple years ago.
The Christmas cactus is blooming nicely and turned it so the other side can get better sun.  Will clip some after the blooms drop off and start in other pots to give away. 
Happy Wednesday and hope all of you are close to being done with your Christmas shopping.



  1. Such sweet decorations. I need to get back at it too.

  2. Looks good. I'd love to see the cupboard next to the cactus :)

  3. Love the sheep with scrolls~. You are ahead of me in decorating.

  4. Your Christmas decoration are looking very inviting. My daughters decorated my tree and I put a few decoration people in the entry for the little ones. I've been sick with a very bad cold. I go to work at the farm and then get to bed to rest. I'm starting to feel a bit better today.
    My Christmas cactus are blooming too.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Love your mantel! Hope you get to finish your decorating. Janice


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