Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Another Finish

This afternoon the last loops were pulled on a pattern named Birthday Lion, a design by Bill Laraway.  Bill designed the whimsical lion as part of a larger rug for his wife Jayne Hester called "Jayne's Birthday Rug". 
This finished piece measures 20 x 25.  So now there are two rugs/mats here which need binding.  Tho I've a pattern ready to go on my frame it won't be hooked until after some binding of the rugs has begun.  Besides, I still need to pull wool for my next project so it isn't really ready yet.

It is very frigid here in Delaware but at least luckily (so far) not having to deal with snow some states are seeing.  Safe travels for those of you still commuting to and fro for the holidays.  There is still the new year celebration so please stay safe, be aware of your surroundings and keep you eyes on what is around you INSTEAD of your cell phone!!!!!!



  1. love your lion. We have snow up to well you know sleet and freezing rain. And now it is cold cold cold. we will be double digits below zero in the morning. This is January weather so I hope that means that winter is going to be over early!

  2. We too are shoveling our fair share of winter 😜 Lion looks great. Will you be showing us how you decide to bind them - hint hint. Keep warm and well.

  3. We are not getting much snow, but it is freezing.
    Love how the lion came out, wonderful piece.


  4. Saundra,,, love that fun mat, too,,,, almost!!
    Binding is nice,, in a way,,, means a finish,,,
    Cold,,, so cold here ,, brrr, that coldest in awhile -22 celcuis , this am,, yikes,, but may have sun,,,,
    Tame care,,,, out there,,,,

  5. You did a wonderful job on that lion mat and I really like how you did the background. It's superb.
    It's so cold here today, I really feel sorry for the wild animals out there and even the pets who have to scoot outside for their daily jobs.

    Stay warm and safe. Hugs, Julia

  6. Hi Saundra,
    He's such a fun lion!!! I know you aren't a fan of binding but would love to see how you finish your rugs!!
    Stay safe AND Warm!!!
    Heart Hugs~


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