Monday, December 18, 2017


When I was a kid, as most kids, couldn't wait to get outside and build a snowman.  But as an adult a small amount of snow is better......pretty and enjoyable.  Here is a cute doll from my past which makes a statement for sure, lol.
In 2006 I hooked this snowman mat for my DIL.  It was just before knowing I was getting a divorce, lol, since the SS initials are hooked in.
Then again 2011 hooked this little snowman mat for my sweet DIL who LOVES snowmen.  Forgive me but cannot remember who the designer(s) are of either piece.
And there are snow people dolls I've made over the years ~ some sold and some I still have.
These guys sold but looking at them now they look kind of eerie. 
Snow people gathering for a photo shoot and they look washed out.
Oh, also made a Snow Girl doll like the one below for my sweet DIL Cathy which she has hanging in  her living room.  I'm glad this one didn't sell as I enjoy using it during winter. 
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  1. That first snowman mat is too stinkin' cute!

  2. Hi Saundra,
    I am not a fan of snow anymore, but do have some wonderful memories of playing in the snow and building a snowman or two!! I like your snow people and the best thing about them is......they DON'T MELT!!! Those mats are really sweet, too!! I finally got pictures of my decorating on my blog today since Christmas IS right around the corner!!!
    Enjoy your week and stay warm!
    Christmas Hugs~

  3. Love your snowpeople! especially the first one no man like a snow man

  4. I am not liking the snow this year and it just started for us here. Love all of your snowfolks..especially those hooked mats! Janice

  5. Those are fun snowman pieces and i do like making and decorating with them. I would be happy without snow as long as it is warmer out, lol.


  6. Sweet snowman mats! Love snowmen,,,,
    Need to do a few ,,,,
    Great gifts, for all winter,,,,
    Thanks , saundra!

  7. Your snowmen and dolls are all cute even the eerie ones.
    I like snowmen better than I like snow.
    Hugs, Julia

  8. The snowman rug with the red background is my favorite .cheri


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