Sunday, December 17, 2017


Yesterday I admired Lori Brechlin's embroidery project posted on Facebook and went to find a couple things I'd done many years ago.  One was a Bald Eagle head embroidered on my departed husband's jeans jacket.  After Gary died my then 13 year old son and I moved from California back to our home state of Delaware.  

As I needed to downsize donated his suits and other clothing but cut the eagle from the back of the jeans jacket thinking I'd stitch it onto something of mine or my son.
Also made my husband and me matching 'hippy/flower child' gauze shirts which we wore when going to Trader Lee's at the corner of Routes 611 and 50 in Ocean City, MD.  Still have his and mine but they both look like this.
Also sewed and embroidered the gauze blouse for myself below but didn't care for the neckline as much.  Yet it is still in my closet as a fond memory of the time.
In case you are wondering what project of Lori's I was referring to, enjoy it below.  Very realistic and would suspect it may be a Christmas gift to a beloved family member so ..."shhhhhh".
Happy Sunday everyone.  



  1. Hi Saundra,
    You just continue to surprise with your talent!! Love your pieces and so nice that you still have them to treasure!! Your eagle is awesome!! Yes, I really love Lori's piece and have been wanting to do something like that of my grand dog Charlotte! Just another thing to add to my "want to try" list!!! Guess we all have them!!!
    Hope you enjoy your day, my friend!!
    Christmas Hugs~

  2. Wow, the eagle and the dog embroidery are wonderful work. I used to embroider pillow cases years and years ago when all young girls were supposed to know how to embroider, knit and crochet, lol.

    Have a great week and dress warm.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Your talents always amaze me.
    You are so close to finishing your rug, if it isn't already done. What's next?

  4. Those are all great pieces. Love the flower child shirt.

  5. Wonderful pieces, I was never great at embroidery, always made a mess.


  6. You have done lots of handwork,, saundra,,
    Funny, I did stitchery in te 70s,,,,, oh my,,,, how long ago,,,,
    Nice to see a the talent,,,,,
    Thanks for sharin,,

  7. I am in love with the idea that you embroidered matching shirts for yourself and your hubby ~ what beautiful memories!
    Hannah received her gift yesterday {early bday} and of course we both cried :)


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