Friday, December 15, 2017

Fill in the Blanks

Most of the hooking has been done on this rug but there are several blanks to be filled in.  This is a Lib Callaway pattern purchased from Hook Nook when Margaret owned the business.  Now Jeanne Benjamin owns Lib's patterns and I understand that Jan Cole also offers the pattern.
The reason for so much empty space is because there was so little of the background wool color to use.  My choice for background was Gold Dust (or was it dusty gold?) a wool offered by Rebecca Erb in 10/10.  I inquired and she said there was none left and she never offered a repeat date.  Sooooo, I'm improvising with walnut dyed wool and other wool.  

Since there is time before the new year this rug could be counted as a rug hooked in 2017.  But I'd better get crack'n!!!!!

More snow here and it is COLD.  Hope you are warm, safe and ready for Christmas as the countdown is here...... only 10 days until Christmas Day.



  1. Good idea to leave spaces like that, so the new color will blend in nicely, love what I am seeing so far.


  2. Looking great! I like how you are working the background. It gives it a more "rustic" look. (Looks like it belongs that way.). Have a great weekend.

  3. Awesome mat, saundra!!
    I love all ur mats u do, but this one really appeals,,,,,
    Take care, saundra,,, keep warm,,,
    Snowy and cold here in southern ontario, too,,, yikes,,,,
    But home now from holiday and glad to be here with my kittys,,,,

  4. wonderful as always. We are finishing up the cards and gifts this weekend but I have been hooking which feels wonderful and relaxing this time of year.

  5. prim hook the best crows!


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