Wednesday, April 4, 2018

1909 Horse Rug Update

This design has been fun to hook trying to replicate the original antique.  Cannot wait to finish this and put it at my front door.  BUT.... won't put it there until after Cape May in September when still somewhat a virgin.
What most fun is replicating those blocks with oddities.  Wish I knew what, if anything, they meant.  Or were those blocks repaired with lighter or darker wool?  I'll never know but will hook those oddities as a reminder of footsteps in the past.

Am leaving for rug camp soon so thought I'd give iPad Blogspot a test to see if photos could be posted on my blog at camp.  A few years ago I purchased an Apple app called Blogpress which worked fine for a while.  Could post photos from my iPad and all was fine.

BUT the last couple years Blogpress app stopped working despite numerous attempts to get an update even with a wifi.  Today I checked APPLE apps to see what would work for Blogger and the three apps listed had negative comments as to posting photos.

Is there ANYONE out there who has knowledge of what software would work for posting photos on an iPad2 on a Blogger web site... Uh this one.



  1. I can't help you with the ipad I don't have any apple products.
    enjoy camp. I am off for a weekend myself much needed. love your rug.

  2. Loving ur mat,,, and cant wait to see what mat u may start at camp,,,
    Have a fun time there,,,
    No clue about ur ipad,,,, sorry,,,

  3. Hope someone can help you with blogger too !!! Have a great time at rug camp !!!! Love your rug !!! Really looks like an antique !!!

  4. I just love 1909 Horse. Good job on getting it so old looking.
    If you get any insight on blogging from the iPad, please share. I have had a horrible time trying to do it and it's been so long I don't even remember what I tried.

  5. Hi Saundra,
    Your rug is just wonderful and it would be so wonderful to find out all the reasons behind each block, but you may never know!! Wish I could offer some help but don't have an iPad!!! Hope you find some answers!!
    Enjoy your time at rug camp!!!!
    Heart Hugs~

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