Monday, April 23, 2018

1909 Horse

Yippee... just finished pulling the last loop, steamed it and the rug is resting.  It will be bound when my car needs an oil change, which is soon.  A great way to work on a project to make good use of time.
Before starting the border on Flower Power, thought it best to finish the last couple blocks on this rug first.  The colors don't really looked that washed out in person.  

Want to point out those crazy blocks which have dark or light value changes within the blocks were in the original.  I'm speaking of the really odd ones like the third block down on the right and a few others.  Feels good to have this one done.  The binding fabric has already been stitched on so will be an easy finish.  I used a black, red and tan check cotton (doubled) for the binding fabric, you can see bits of it outside the rug.

On Flower Power I plan to whip the edges with wool yarn. I've been asked how the border will be done but while there is a 'plan' I'm not sure how it will go so don't want to say now.

Thank goodness the trees are on the ground.  One of them has been sawed in large sections and the guy will work on the other tomorrow.  He will bring a log 'splitter' to make it much easier for him and I don't mind the equipment in the yard.  His wanting firewood for next year is saving me money and he doesn't have to pay for cords of wood to heat his home next year.

Must say that I'm totally exhausted from working yesterday AND today ~ I hauled a lot of limbs deep into my woods.  Would be nice to have a wood chipper but sadly I don't.  My hips, back and arms ache so will sleep like a baby tonight I'm sure.  



  1. We do know when we do physical labor out of the ordinary for sure. When I start gardening everything hurts. Love your rug

  2. Love how the rug came out, the colors are perfect.
    Glad you have someone who needs the wood, great to be able to have someone take it away and help them out, as well.


  3. Your mat looks great! You sure are productive,,,
    Glad ur yard gettjng sorted,,, what a job!!
    Thanks for sharing,,, m

  4. Your rug is just beautiful !!! Looks like an antique the way you hooked it & the colors you used .
    Great to have someone take the wood away !!! Hope you don't wake up too sore & achy !!!

  5. You nailed the old look on the rug perfectly. I am envious.


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