Monday, April 16, 2018

Camp Store

How convenient it was to have a class in the Ballroom as that is also the location of the rug camp store.  Loris of The Wool Farm had lots of beautiful wool.
I purchased a couple quarters of as is textures and this yummy roll. 
She had a variety of colors of yarn for whipping or punching rugs.....
Beautiful colors of fancy yarn and sari ribbon to embellish a rug,
There were also hooks, frames, patterns, kits, wool jewelry,  ~ you name it and it was there.
Some great deals on used books too.
A container of brushes to brush away the bits of wool and lint from your rug (I LOVE these and they were only $6).  The container was filled to the brim at the start of the week and almost empty by the last day.
Next post will include some rug pictures....promise.



  1. Sounds like camp, and the camp store, was wonderful. Looking forward to rug pictures!

  2. It's nice to have supplies you can get while there, looks like she has a nice selection of goodies.


  3. oh I love to browse all the goodies!


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