Sunday, April 8, 2018

Past and Present

Look how light these ladies are travelling to their rug hooking event.  Frame in one hand and their rug, wool and hook in a bag.  Some ladies have everything in one hand/arm.
The woman below looks like she is quickly making her way to find a place before all the good spots are taken.  She has a sizable rug frame and small bag of wool.
The lady below is travelling pretty compact as well.
And now today's over indulgent and wool obsessed hooker.  Uh, and how I normally travel to rug camp.  
That hoard of supplies includes wool options for the camp rug and current project while waiting my turn with the teacher.  Add two frames ~ one 'sit-upon' for the sleeping room after hours and a floor stand for the classroom.  Oh, let us not forget the Townsend cutter and all the blades in the black and white tote, portable OTT lights, wine and snacks for my room.  Suitcase isn't even in the mix here yet.

In the large duffle bag behind the chair are rugs I'm taking for the show.

Okay, so I'm going away for 5 days.  But, even if I was going to  hook for just one day like the ladies above I'd be carrying a lot more than they were.  So, would you travel as light to a one-day hook-in???

Happy hooking and hope all your loops are perfect.



  1. what is this thing you speak of... "traveling light"??
    HA! not in my vocabulary !! have the best of times and safe travels...take lots of photos for us pretty please ;)

  2. Slightly off topic, but I loooove that basket you have in the right of the photo.

  3. I can travel lightly to a one day hook in (because I do very little!) but for more than one day. OY!!! It's ludicrous how much I pack. The exception was traveling to camp in Florida. Didn't want to have to pay for overweight luggage so had to be pretty good about packing. No fun at all!

  4. Too funny !!! Bring it all, you may need it & kick yourself because you left something behind !!! Have a Great time !!!

  5. I have been there,, and take alot!
    Even if we go on holidays,, I take rug hooking , knitting,,, punching,,, too much,,, but thats ok, if I have a vehicle! ,
    a hookin,, I try and take a binding, or small project ,,,, as I dont do much,,, shop,, or chat and see everyones mats!
    Looks like u have a good supply of everything,,,
    Have a great week,,,,

  6. I am pretty light for a day, but rug camp is a totally different thing!!!


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