Friday, April 6, 2018

More Rugs Continued....

Drew out another Magdalena rug in a smaller size since the other Magdalena rugs were rather large.  This one is nice to put on an end table or harvest table.  Forget the dimensions and am too lazy go go measure.
I saw this chair pad design in a show photo Lori Brechlin  or someone posted.  Immediately I wrote to ask if she would please make this into a paper pattern.  Turns out I wasn't the only one with that request.
July Cabin is a pattern offered in one of Barb Carroll's books.  I changed the flags on the trees to leaves of different colors and changed the direction of the smoke going more sideways.
The red horse below is half the antique rug design ~ didn't want a long rug but did want the horse and stars.
Drawing for Polly Minick certainly had its benefits as I was permitted to hook any of her designs with permission.  This one spoke to me as it seemed like a perfect quick sale at a show at the beach.  Interestingly enough it didn't sell, I still have it.
However, this design of Polly's did sell.  I'd have thought the swimsuit would go first.
Lions in the Woods is an antique adaptation.  It was obviously a popular printed pattern at the time since there are many variations of the design.  So when drawing it chose my favorite parts of antique rugs I'd viewed.  This one sold as well.  Sheesh, didn't realize I'd sold as many rugs as I did.  But not to worry, I've a crap load of rugs left and plan to list some on ebay when I return from camp.
Anyone familiar with this signage?  I'll bet a lot of you are.  Thought for sure there was a photo of her actual sign assending to her home but could not find it.  
Anyway, maybe that shape was a better prototype for me to hook a small mat gift for Barb when attending camp one May.
The antique adaptation below was a pattern gifted me by Evelyn Lawrence.  It is called Lion and Trees and was offered by Port Primitives.  This was hooked in a class with Barb Carroll.
I must have been a busy girl that year because I drew another antique adaptation which I named Ducks and Eggs Nest.  Sold a couple patterns of this one.
One year while perusing eBay was lucky enough to stumble upon a pattern I'd wanted for a LONG time.  Wee Folk by Vermont Folk Art Rugs.  
Here it is hanging over my bed with one of my well used and pitiful attempts at quilting.  It was made when I had two Rotties, you can see their images in the center.
There you have it for now.  Actually there were a couple small designs I drew but won't bore you with them right now as I've work to do and get ready for camp.

Since the weather is being a PAIN I don't know what to pack.  Plus all things stopped at noon so that mama could help out her 50+ son with a resume.  Hey, your child is your baby no matter the age, right?

But camp with be there when I get there.  Must admit that I'm feeling the need to get away.  Will deal with what is here still to do when I return.



  1. Wonderful rugs and the duck and eggs is a fun one. Love how your horse is coming along, looks like you are almost done. I sure hope the weather gets better, looks like some nice days next weekend, we are going camping, but not if it rains.


  2. Now you are getting in to rugs I remember following along while you hooked.
    So productive...sigh.

  3. Great show of ur mats!!
    Wow,, you have hooked alot,,,
    Have a wonderful time away,,,
    You deserve it,,,,
    Thanks for sharing,,,
    Safe travels,,,,
    We just got more snow overnite,,,,
    Looks more like january than april,,,,


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