Sunday, April 1, 2018

Strange Phenomenon

Yesterday while raking up the many bits of fine limbs from the back yard I noticed two wet spots on the edge of my bird feeder area.  Stood there for a few minutes and watched as single droplets of rain fell in the spots.  It was not raining anywhere else and even tho I was positioned close there were no dots of rain on me or on the deck behind me.
Just came from working in the yard again and noticed the phenomenon happening in the very same spots again today ~ a second day.  Don't know how many days this has happened because I never noticed this until yesterday.  

I took a video and have never posted one before so don't know what I'm doing or what app to use to watch it other than Windows Media Player.  And even then the picture is lousy; guess I'll not be making films in Hollywood, eh?
The video above was at a distance so the drops didn't show up.  Will put my first video up now, but I'm not speaking, a filmmaker I am not.  Hope the rain drops show up here.
So I did a Google search for an EXPLANATION, that is IF there was any.  Click on the word to see what I learned.  Happy Easter.



  1. Oh my gosh !!! That is crazy ,weird !!! You see orbs , so I think you have something following you ..... I have a friend who always has unusual experiences too .... we laugh about , but is haunting .
    Well ... hope you had a nice Easter anyway !!!

  2. Now that is strange beyond words.

  3. Strange for sure,,,,
    Nothing above,,,, hidden away,,,,
    Love the sound of ur birds,, wow,, spring ,,,
    Snowed here synday am,,, oh really,,,, mekt now,, but cold,,,
    Need to warm up to bring more birdies home!
    Strange drops for sure saundra!!


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