Wednesday, April 25, 2018

The Border

Am referring to the question I was asked on border plans for Flower Power.  Here it is in beginning stage with not so much accomplished except for the 'plan'.
It is a primitive black border hooking a short span across the 1 1/2" border.  Thankfully there was enough margin beyond the rug design to draw that much border.

I've never hooked a hit and miss primitive black border in this direction but think it will be a really cool look.

Today I walked a number of steps (again) dragging more tree limbs into the woods.  This is what my yard looks like now.  It is looking better after the storm damage done March 2nd.
 It will be delightful to have my clothes line back and my fence.  The 'good ol guys' removed the lines and the poles so as to not do damage to them.  
Tomorrow, weather permitting, the guys will bring two log splitters and haul some or most, away.  Then not too long after that my back yard will have some semblance of order again.

Have a great evening...warmer weather is upon us.



  1. Love that mat and ur border , saundra!! Great idea hooking it like that,,,
    What a fun mat,, love flowers,,
    Glad ur yard getting back to normal, too,,,
    Would miss my clothesline , too,, ♥

  2. I love that border. Not sure I ever have seen it done that way but really like it.


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