Friday, April 20, 2018

In-Progress Rugs at Camp

Unfortunately I didn't get photos of all our class in-progress rugs.  Was waiting until closer to the end of camp to get a more complete capture of the work.  Then it was catch as catch can to get the photo at a convenient time.  Also, many hookers from other classes didn't participate in the 'throw down' for some reason. 

Will begin with Eric's in-progress of a big Peacock rug, a design by Michelle Micarelli.  Eric said he was changing the border on the left side which he referred to as 'confetti' and will make it blend better with the border on the right side.
Below is Val hooking a mola design by Norma Batastini.  It is called Crocodile from the Mola series.
Fran was working on this stained glass design by Jane McGowan Flynn.
The stool cover being hooked by Joyce has the same name as the rug I'm working on....Flower Power.  But they are different for sure.
Pat sat across from me and is busily hooking but didn't manage to get a good photo of her project.
Sarah started working on her geometric (below) immediately after the initial phone call with Eric before class.  You can see she accomplished quite a lot.
Friend Pat, who was in another class, was hooking a Folk Art Rabbit designed by Margaret Shaw.
And moi?   This is what I've accomplished so far on a design by Cactus Needle, was told it is the sister to Nola Heidbreder.  The name is Flower Power, the same name that was given the foot stool design above but different designers.
The open spaces are areas which I haven't decided what to do with yet.  There is a star to the left, and 3 circle areas.  Not sure if I want to just hook black background or put in a color.  

I made a couple changes..... first I added a border which I've drawn in...2) I changed the tulip from a five point tulip to a three point (pic below).
Happy Friday.



  1. Wow , Eric's peacock is amazing !!! Must be even more impressive in person , what size wool strips is he using ? Love your rug !!!

  2. That peacock is gorgeous, as well as, the other rugs being hooked.


  3. The peacock is stunning! I like your flower power and the colors (of course 😉). Also, intrigued by that stained glass one - it looks so intricate.

  4. Happy Saturday lots of wonderful work. that bunny looks like a shell.

  5. Saundra all the rugs are stunning!It must be so fun to attend all the rug camps you attend.

  6. You sure did get a lot hooked! Looks great. Love the dark background.

  7. Really like your rug. My goodness, you are almost finished. What colors will you pull into your border?


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