Saturday, April 28, 2018

Misc. Chit Chat

Another busy day with drawing a pattern in the morning, continued yard work and laundry in the afternoon.  The Fitbit already been buzzed with over 10,000 steps today around 6 p.m. and the day isn't done yet.

This is the pattern I drew for Pam, which was named American Floral Theorem by the auction house.  It was to have been hooked early 19th century but no dimensions known to me or Pam.  So I asked what size she wanted and that would be 24" on the short side.  So when the drawing was enlarged it came out to 24 x 37.
Must admit I was skeptical drawing the pattern for her as the urns  were off kilter.  That would be fine with me as I love the wonky irregular shapes and colors of an antique rug.  But drawing for someone else is another thing.  Of course it is a given the outside lines of a pattern should be on straight of grain.   Thankfully Pam said she wanted it as in the antique so the pattern will ship on Monday....thanks Pam!!!

An update on my yard ~ although there are still the roots and ends of the trees to deal with at least I've the fence and yard back.  But most of all my clothes line!!!!!!!!  I'm old fashioned and love the fresh air in the smell of clothes after hanging on the line ~ particularly the sheets.
Tomorrow, weather permitting, is sheet washing day!!!!  Can't wait!!!!  Now where is that bottle of Pino Noir????  Already my bones don't ache so much, lol.

Happy Saturday evening.  



  1. Wow, saundra,,, ur yard looks great!!
    Laundry line is a must for me , too,,, love it,,, sheets and towels out today,,, and clothes tomorriw!
    That mat is a neat one,,, love it,
    Thanks for sharing,,,

  2. Love this antique rug too ....hope we see Pam's finish !!!Your yard looks great ! I worked in my yard all day yesterday & am pretty achy this am , hope the Pino helped you !!!! I have to wait til 5pm tonight to get some to feel better too !!! Gotta love those achy bones to remind us , were not 20 ....UGH !!!

  3. Oh you have been busy! I love a clothesline also on my list this year for sheets and blankets.

  4. What a great pattern!
    My mom always hung clothes on the line even in the winter. Many time she brought frozen clothes in to thaw and finish drying. Me, I use my dryer :)


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