Friday, April 27, 2018

Antique Rug Show

Who doesn't enjoy a little eye candy in the form of rugs hooked in the past.  That is, after all, how I became interested in learning how to hook.

Blow is a Floral in an Oval hooked early 20th century and measured 28 x 39.   I enjoy the oddities of old rugs and they often conjure up questions I'd like to ask the hooker.  The one below has the right side of the oval design cut short.  Am guessing she realized if she hooked the oval like the left side she wouldn't have enough room for the border.  
The 1886 Folk Art Soldiers caught my eye and wonder what country they represent.  I don't know any other information.
The simplicity of the yarn hooked rug below I find endearing.  It was said to be hooked 1890 with yarn on burlap ~ from the Textile Museum of Canada.  Love that soiled blotchy look.   
The Boy and Dog rug below was listed on ebay and sold for $1,295 even in the tattered condition.  It was hooked in the 1800's and measured 19 x 38.  Believe I've posted this before but it still captures my heart.  If you tap on the photo you can see the person hooked the snow in blocks.
Another version of a 'horse trainer' rug.  This one was located in South Paris, Maine and measured 15 x 35.
Another view but further away.
Here is "Stubbs Horse Trainer" an antique adaptation I hooked in 2017.
My oh my, sure do love this Stars and Diamonds rug below.  It was said to be hooked early 19th century and sadly don't know the original dimensions or where it was located.  
Happy Friday and happy hooking everyone.



  1. I always like the first rug you show , I saw that on pinterest....the boy with the dog is really neat & then when you click on it & see how worn it is , it is beautiful beautiful ! It's always fun to see the old rugs !

  2. Great rugs! Love the Stars and Diamonds.

  3. stars & diamonds, then the baskets ones are my favs ~ but ~ i love the serious looks on the soldiers faces...Hessian perhaps?

  4. Stars and Diamonds is wonderful...the colors still shine...

  5. Great rugs and I do like the soldiers.


  6. Fun mats!!
    Love pots of flowers or baskets,,,, but enjoyed seeing the snow one close up,,,
    Thanks for the show,,, get inspiration,,,, now to get into action,,,♥♡

  7. I choose the top and bottom rugs. Love the designs and colors!


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