Saturday, April 14, 2018

What Happened at Rug Camp Doesn't Stay at Rug Camp 😉

In a previous post I mentioned Eric Sandberg was my teacher again after 12 years.  Must say this class was top notch and would definitely take a class with him again.   Not sure if that will happen as he retired, has no wool (except for his personal stash), and only doing this gig since he is a substitute teacher for Maryland Shores Rug Camp.

Below Eric gathered us together to talk basics about...."light, bright, dark, dull".  For those who had Eric as a teacher before know these words by heart.
We students gathered in a circle and took turns showing our project and wool colors we'd brought to camp.  
Eric is working with us individually and we are learning as each person's rug is being color planned.    
It is impossible to give his 5 day class in just one blog post but there are many easy to remember hooking lessons ~ the Three Bears and Goldilocks, for just one example.  Don't ask, it would take too long to explain.  But OMG I will never forget that!!!

Below is a photo of Eric with just one of the hand-outs provided.  Cannot wait for life to get back to normal so I can read them.  He covered most in class but there is more in the handouts about hit and miss, geometric, dyeing hints and so much more.
Notice Eric also has a piece of wool in his hand.  He brought pieces to toss into the mix of what the student brought just to show how adding another color or value would change the rug.  

Below, this picture shows Eric using me as a 'teaching lesson' for bringing mostly medium value wool.  I brought red, blue, old gold and green ~ plus dirty white or black for background.
You can see students chuckling and I knew it was in good fun, yet a lesson for those who prefer colorful rugs ~ I was, after all, the 'what's different in the picture".   Eric said he took a class with Barb Carroll so he would be better able to work with primitive students.  

On another day we each took one or two rugs we'd brought for the rug show.  Students decided to have him 'critique' or suggest, how he would have chosen different wools.  We had to raise our right hand and pledge....."There is no such thing as an ugly rug, some are just better than others"
In the lesson above Eric used the Johannes Itten color wheel "The Color Star".   I'm sitting on a gold mine and have only looked at it briefly a few times.  Thankfully mine was purchased when the cost was maybe $40.  Because of Eric I unearthed my Star Wheel and will use it with future rugs.   BUT... lol, if I am replicating an antique rug of a woman who didn't know about bright, contrast, value, etc., I will hook it like the woman did but using what is in my stash.  

On that day I noticed a fantastic hooked pin Eric was wearing.  I asked if it was an image of him.  He said it was an image of his grandfather Pierre Keller which was hooked by Tish Murphy.    Was unbelievable to see the detail with wool which seemed to be hooked with floss it was so thin.  
Oh there is so much more to share from rug camp but will be in separate blog posts.  My hope is to have more time to pull more loops on my rug before having to share it.  But reality has given me yard work, laundry, pattern drawing, etc.  I like being on vacation better 😁



  1. Saundra,,,, oh , my what a great experience and week for you,,,
    Cant wait to see the mat u worked on,,,
    Back to reality, ,,, yikes,,,
    We are getting a snow and ice storm!! Fun in april,,,
    At least we still have power,,,,

  2. wow lots to share for sure! can't wait to hear more.

  3. Sounds like a great class and I can't wait to see what your rug is like and the changes he had you make.


  4. So glad you had fun! I bet seeing the rugs others made is/was fascinating as well simply due to styles and preferences.

  5. Thank You for sharing! for fun! and we always seem to learn something don't we!


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