Sunday, December 16, 2018

What I've Been Doing

I've not been doing much hooking so haven't much progress to show you on the Star Geometric today either.  In addition to house cleaning and other mundane house chores, I've been taking photos and listing things on eBay.  

Amazing how much time it takes to take the photos, crop them and get the listing done.  But am determined to see if I can recoup some of the money invested in all these hobbies vs. taking it all to the thrift shop for nothing.

Finally came to the realization I will not make another doll so am beginning to get rid of that stash, also have listed a couple rug patterns, and this Cheri Payne quilt pattern booklet.
You can check out that listing and others on eBay.

I have some cute Little Quilts patterns and a bunch of vintage feed sack fabric which will be listed too but am tired of taking pictures and wand to do some hooking.  So those will be listed later next week.



  1. That is a book I have and lots more, I need to destash myself. Haven't sold on eBay in years, so not sure what has changed. I do like the auction style for out of print and things I might get higher bids on.


  2. You have been busy!!
    I need to reorganize and get rid of stuff , too,,,,
    Just too much clutter,,,,
    In the new year!
    Thats my answer anyway! Haha,
    Always a fresh start,,,,
    Take care,,,

  3. oh I see some goodies for sure! I need to catch up on what I have here first.

  4. I hope yours eBay sales are very successful. I haven't sold on there in years.

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