Friday, March 1, 2019

MARCH Already??

One year ago tomorrow is when the March wind blew over two healthy trees.  Two photos of the base after the fall.

A different angle showing the limbs which fell into a third tree out of the photo to the right.
And here is what is left, two huge bases.  For perspective, the root system in the back is taller than I am so guess it is over 6'.  I would love to have them ground down but since that is expensive and this is in my back yard near the woods I'm not going to bother.  Oh, what you see in the background is water, water, water.
So with all that water still in the yard sure hope another March wind storm doesn't come thru again.

Oh, remember my saying the Hartford insurance company wouldn't cover the cost of tree removal last year?  I had just paid my auto and homeowners premiums in full for the year on 2/28/18 and two days later is when the storm hit.  

Needless to say I have a different insurance agency now.



  1. Holy smokes...that must have been some kind of wind. It's scary when you hear limbs and trees cracking ! Eventually, I would imagine, a lot of that stuff will compost naturally. Insurance husband spends hours upon hours fighting them. Their main objective is not to pay out a cent. :(

  2. Wowsers....those are some big trees and stumps. Sorry for your hurts me so to lose a tree....but I guess you can be lucky they didn’t come down on your house or structures. And please don’t get me started on insurance companies.... Just found out that the snow collapsing on Little Crow’s carport and trashing his truck and plow will not be covered by insurance.... If it was a result of wind or fire, it would have been covered...but not snow. Hello????? Well, Happy March to you...hope the annivresary is more calm tomorrow. Robin

  3. Hopefully no more trees will come crashing down this spring! I know what it cost me to have one maple tree removed. Wanted it cut before it took out my neighbor's house in a big wind.
    The joys of home ownership.

  4. Yikes!
    Remember that so well, from last year!
    March,,, is here , good! That means winter getting closer to being over,,, February was a rough month,,,,
    Hooe march better,,,
    More snow comes today and tomorrow! We have had 2 calm sunny days! So nice,,, better get out and walk again,,,
    Hope ur flloding back there goes away,,, thise stumps are huge!!
    Take care,,, have good weekend!

  5. Yes, I remember the post about the trees. Since totally removing them is out of the picture, what about using them to plant in and on? Maybe plant(?) them with edible mushroom spores? It looks like one stump already has a good crop of some type of mushroom started. Or there's always "embrace the unplanned" and do nothing but watch as the stumps change over the years.

  6. Let's hope this March is a bit less windy. I don't blame you for switching insurance companies. Grrrr....


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