Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A Pause to Dye

Thought since this pattern was small it would go fast ~ and it probably will once the wool gets right.  My plans for the background/sky just didn't make the cut.  It is way too light and bright.  You can barely see the hooked section above the cat.  Plus it would be too light in value compared the wool I've planned for the church birdhouse.
So, into a pot of Warm Sky (Beautiful Wool) dye recipe it went.  There was about half a yard of wool and I used 1 TBS + 1 tsp. of dye.  This is how it turned out.  The left are the results and the right is the other part of the yard I purchased.  Have no idea why I purchased it but with the dyeing it will do fine.  Matter of fact tomorrow think I'll do the remainder in a little darker pot so there will be a variance.
Stay tuned to see Cat Nap.  Can't wait until it is done because I'm hot to trot for my next antique adaptation.  Think it will be another Magdalena rug ~ or at least that is my plan now.  But you know how hot and cold I run with what's on the frame.

Happy Tuesday, happy hooking and hope you are all in a 'good place' since there is so much chaos in the world.  When news gets to me I change the channel or turn it off.  After all, why would I expose  myself to such negativity?  I choose to surround myself with happiness.



  1. I like the dyed piece can't wait to see it. Oh I am with you we sit and eat and watch the news eventually one of us gets ticked off about something and starts this whole conversation. In the summer we sit on the porch no tv at all. Bring on summer I am tired of it all lol

  2. Saundra I had that yellow/blue/rust plaid wool and ran short on a project, do you know the name of it? It's a good one!
    Like the way you darkened it.

  3. Now if that isn’t the sweetest little kitty ever! I love him! Your expertise is shining through...you can see that the lighter background wouldn’t work with just that one strip hooked LOL... It would have taken me much longer....but then, again, I don’t know what color you have planned for the church, but, uhm, usually they are white or off-white. Ok, so this was a “duh” comment..... You must just shake your head sometimes. ;-). ~Robin~

  4. Ok, trying again, lol.
    Love how the dying came out, beautiful color for the background.


  5. Better after dyeing!
    Its going to be sweet,,,
    No good news, much there!!

    Raining here again,,,
    Nice day yesterday,,,
    May 1st,, wow!
    Take care,,,

  6. I pretty much live under a rock. I don't watch the news so I am unaware of much that is going on...but I'm sure whatever is going on is Trump's fault!!!
    Your wool came of great.
    Oh, another Magdalena. Looking forward to that.

  7. Quite an improvement on the wool for your background. Seems that you have some tried and true dye recipes in your repertoire. Maybe that is the key to successful dyeing.

  8. love the dye-job! and Kelley's design of course is too cute ~ waiting impatiently to see the finish ;)
    We haven't watched any news channel in months...and are happier for it.

  9. Love how your wool came out ….nice & prim . The news & election news for the next 2 years , is enough to make you want to move out to another country ! But I can't leave my kids & grand kids . Can't wait to see this cute rug when its finished !!!


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