Sunday, May 24, 2020

Get'n There Slowly

Just started to hook the letters EARLY BIRD but at least the top part of the rug is done.  I've made another change ~ what's new?  Well, it is actually more of a 'creative license' sorta thing and will save that as a surprise for the next update.
With non-essential businesses closing my pre-scheduled hair cut for April 14th was cancelled so haven't had a hair cut since March 3.  But finally Delaware shops can open in June and have an appointment for June 3rd.  They can only have one person at a time in the shop. I'm beginning to look like the wild woman of the woods with my bushy hair.

I've not worn any makeup since the shutdown because when leaving the house to go to the grocery store I'm wearing a mask.  Also haven't put on a pair of jeans in months so am positive those won't fit when the self-quarantine ends.  

Am still making my own sprouts and hands down do prefer the Broccoli Sprout Seeds to the Alfalfa.  
Despite still eating healthy meals I've put on a few pounds.  Largely due to eating more peanuts and pretzels than I'm working off.  Which means I'll either need to walk/exercise more OR greatly reduce my intake of snacks.  When going to a rug camp I usually come home with about 2 pounds heavier but have always taken it off within a week of coming home.  Uh, I'm home and it hasn't left yet. 😒

Hopefully the economy will get back on track soon with the opening of businesses ~ for those who haven't lost everything already.  One business in Ocean City, MD (Fish Tails) has a creative way for customers to social distance using "bumper tables".  
Happy hooking and stay safe.



  1. I saw the ad for bumper table fun idea I think. I have not had a hair cut or color since april I think I may embrace the gray at this point. I have not gained or lost weight and I am walking 3 miles a day and gardening alot. I need to stop snacking at night. I love your early bird.

  2. Hi Saundra,
    I've gotten behind again on my blogging so will play some catch up!!! Loved your rug show, as always and am always amazed at all the different subjects people choose to hook!!! Your Early Bird rug is really wonderful and I love your color choices!!! It is really a wonderful pattern and I know you are chomping at the bit to get it all finished!! Guess we have to wait for the surprise you added!!
    I was able to get my hair cut right before they closed things here or I would not be very happy right now!!! Glad you are able to get an appointment!!
    I have also gained some pounds and have been really working hard to lose them, but it sure isn't fun!!! I think a lot of us are all in that same boat!!!
    What a clever idea about those tables!!! People sure can get creative when they have to!!!!
    Take care and enjoy Memorial Day!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  3. I heard about those bumper tables. What a hoot.
    Early Bird will soon be done. I am hooking a little daily but not getting much done.
    Since my "fat days" a couple decades ago, I have not snacked as much as I have the last couple of months. I've gained a few, but if I didn't do the treadmill daily and walk at least a mile almost every night, I'd look like the Michelin Man.

  4. Love early bird!
    Not missing hair cuts! Havent had a hair appt for 2 years now,,,
    Hair trimmed by me ,, mostly bangs, as wear my hair up all the time,,, dknt dye it!
    Proably gajned some weight,,, try to walk every day, and yoga,,,
    Hot here now! Yikes,, last weekend we had snow!
    Stay well,,,
    Salads look great,,,

  5. A funny post Saundra ….my last hair appointment was March 3rd too about wild & crazy hair , mine is out of control !!! I can't get mine done for another month !!! Am thinking about letting the grey win out & then add blond highlights. Will have to see how this idea goes ! Make -up ??? I haven't used that either . My jeans are SO tight ...I wish I only had to loose 2 pounds !!! Think I gained 10 !!! Oh well ….we will never forget these past few months .

  6. My hair is so wild I may be taken for a big foot. LOL We still cannot make hair appointments. What an interesting way to eat at those tables. Cannot wait to see your change in this rug too. Janice

  7. Ahhhh...your Early Bird is looking stupendous....thinking this might be one of my most favorite of the ones I've seen you hook (well, other than your wonderful dog ones). Maybe it's the "kindred" "subject" LOL. Those tables are hysterical. Hmmmm...obviously not intended for "sit-down" dinners. ;-) I have a hair appt scheduled for next week. I was really ready to embrace my gray...but really was surprised I didn't have quite as much as I thought. Now how did that happen??? ~Robin~


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