Thursday, April 30, 2020

And the Results Are In.....

Shessh, after the first comment I thought there was going to be a mutiny for not showing the results yesterday 😁.  Guess I better not delay any longer.....  Actually some are rather lackluster and most of you were probably wondering about the brighter sure Donna was.  This is the before.....
Below hanging on the line in natural light.  You can see where the brighter red clothing was placed against the plum as it bled more profusely ~ this is the front.
And this is the back side.  Remember the light wool is sandwiched between two darker pieces of wool so one side would look different than the other.
In the house this is how the wool looked.  I've folded the wool so you can see both sides in the house with a flash.  This is how I'll show the other dye results so you can see how it translates to natural light vs. flash.  Frankly I wasn't impressed with any of this wool and still wonder why I purchased that plum wool or that to the left.  Perhaps will use them when hooking a hit and miss rug also using selvages.
Another coil was made of the bright blue, tan and olive green.
Here are the results.. first is the front where the blue was on top and green on the bottom.  Hmmmm I hung the wool incorrectly on the line, sorry.
It appears the olive had little impact on the wool at all and I'm not that impressed with the bright blue side either. 
Inside photo, guess the green did dull down the tan a little but still not impressed.  
OMG, guess I snapped the photo and moved as the navy blue doesn't show up in the first photo.
This is the back side with the navy blue which I thought was very disappointing.  Why wouldn't navy blue bleed?  Since it was from my OLD gathered wool stash perhaps it was a processed fiber?  Lynne, any idea?
 And the inside photo where you can see only minimal change in the brown from the gold and NO change with the navy on the other side.  But, I do see a sunflower in the making with one side.
Okay Donna, hope I redeemed myself even though none of the projects showed magnificent transformations.  Hope you can find Karen's booklet and try this experiment yourself to expand your wool stash and dip into the dyeing without dyes.  In the booklet Karen shows results from her favorite marbleizing colors.



  1. This is my fav way to dye as I like the surprise and don’t need to measure or fuss with dye powders. Usually the results have a big wow factor. Thanks Saundra!

  2. Very interesting !!! I bet they look even better in person !

  3. I think they turned out wonderfully! I like that they look "lived" and "loved" rather than just "factoried." It's that sort of texture that give a piece character that speaks.

  4. that was in an issue of rug hooking magazine I have done it but never loved it. I have only done it twice but I did like some of your reslults.

  5. Do not think I will be trying this myself. Would rather just purchase the colors I like. Janice

  6. I've not tried that technique and not sure I ever will.
    I'm sure some of the wool is more usable than before.

  7. Well???? I do really like the last batch...especially the mustard gold in the middle...and the 3 colors look well together I think. As you know, I am not a dyer....don't want to get "hooked" like most do...and just don't have the space for the pots and pans and stuff necessary.... Guess having a rug hook guru down the road had spoiled me LOL. ~Robin~

  8. Great dyeing,,,,
    Its so fun to do,,,
    Must do some yarns,,, though have alot in tons of colors!
    Stay well,,,

  9. I've never heard of dyeing this way. Then again, the only dyeing I've ever done was a couple of tie die items in home ec class in the 70s, so there's lots of dyeing info I'm clueless on! I wonder - wrapping eggs in silk ties to dye them has been in the Easter crafts the last couple of years. Would it work to wrap or layer wool with silk ties?

  10. Hi Saundra,
    Isn't it amazing how dye works or doesn't work? Looks like you did get some nice results and wondering if some of the wool was a blend so it didn't bleed? I had some I tried to dye once and after spending all this time in the dye pot with other pieces, mine was the only one that didn't change at all!! I know you will be able to find uses for all of it!! Thanks for sharing with us!!!
    Take care and enjoy your hooking time!
    Heart Hugs~
    Julie xo

  11. You have the patience ofJob to do all of this dyeing. Do you have a separate dye kitchen or have to haul everything needed in and out each time?


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