Thursday, August 20, 2020


This flashback Thursday is debuting some patterns I've drawn for other people.  Unfortunately not all pattern buyers have sent me a finished photo.  So if you are one of them and don't see your rug here, please take a photo of it and send it to me ~ obviously it isn't a requirement 😉  but would enjoy seeing your version and share it with others.

The rug below is an antique adaptation I named Cats Meow and was hooked by Sue Swank.  Sue took a some creative license and added a few additional critters to fill in empty space.  Good job Sue!
I've sold numerous E.S. Frost Sheep patterns and here are a few of the Frost's version with birds and flowers.  First one is hooked by Lisa Halverson.
This one was hooked by Kathy Clark of Briarwood Folk Art.
Melinda Cole hooked this colorful version below and like how she chose to do hooked triangles making it less fussy and much easier for her I'm sure>  I like how it turned out ~ Nice job Melinda!
Another color palate of the E.S. Frost design was hooked by Susan Foley.
Susan Traughber is a huge fan of Magdalena Briner Eby and she hooks the original huge version of all her designs.  When I first discovered a new original Magdalena Goat rug on an auction site she had to hook it.
Susan decided to hook another for her other adult child since they both loved the design so drew another for her to hook.  Here is the second one, would you hook a rug twice???
Someone else liked the new Magdalena Goat discovery and it was hooked by Kathy Applegate.  
Susan Traughber asked me to draw another Magdalena rug The Farm.
A neighbor admired Susan's work so much she decided to hook a rug to surprised him.  So Harvey's Magdalena was in the works and a very appreciative young man.  Susan I'd say you are one great neighbor and hook beautifully too!
Lisa Halverson asked me to design a horse rug for her.  I did a couple sketches and she approved this design.  Look, she's almost done, just a little more background to do.
Then Lisa decided to do a little lot of tweaking by pulling out all that background to follow her heart.  This is Patriotic Rider finished with a background similar to some Warren Kimble designs.
Country Cottage is an antique adaptation I drew, this one was hooked by Pamela Gunn.
Linda Scheffler also ordered the pattern and hooked the one below; nice job ladies.
I hooked an antique adaptation of Cherries and Candy Stripe, posted it on my blog and Pam Gunn ordered it.  Here is her version.
Floral Theorem was another pattern I drew for Pam.  After seeing her rendition and learned she used mostly #8.5 but some #8 I might be tempted to hook it myself.
Lisa Halverson loves hearts almost as much as she loves horses.  I drew this antique adaptation I call Hearty Heart because of its size. 
She also requested I draw this 1931 Hearts antique.  Lisa visited my blog  to see the partially hooked one and sent me a finished photo.  Love the mix of colors she used in the hearts and background.  It is much warmer than the original.  Thanks Lisa and great work.
Another antique adaptation Lisa hooked is one I named Hearts and Penny Flowers.  And look at that lovely heart hanging on the lock of her antique cabinet which compliments the heart theme.
Actually Lisa has hooked many of my patterns and would love to get finished photos of those too.  So Lisa if you're reading this I'd love to get a photo of the one above, Doves & Basket, Hearts-A-Plenty, Horses and Tree, and probably not started yet (because it is garden time) is White/Grey Horse with Scrolls.

Will save the Domestic Zoo photos for another blog post.  

Those folks to whom I've drawn a pattern, if you don't think you've sent me a photo of your rugs, please do so you can make it in my next rug show.  Happy hooking everyone.



  1. So many wonderful rugs!!! Patriotic Rider, though, stole my heart. I thought the original was great...but so much reverse hooking later and it is even more wonderful.
    BTW...Sue Swank and Melinda Cole are both Ohio hookers who I personally know :)

  2. It’s fun to see the same rug by different people. Each has a personality all its own. 💕

  3. Wow!! Those are some amazing designs and finishes! Love the sheep....but even more so, Patriotic Rider.... Yikes! That is incredible. I actually can't decide which background version I love best. It always fascinates me that 1 pattern can be interpreted so very differently...and even byt he same hand. The two goats are proof to that. Thanks for sharing all these! ~Robin~

  4. These Mats are wonderful,,,,,
    So Nice to see the results,,,,
    Thanks ,Saundra,!,,

  5. Lisa is a very talented hooker. I love her version of 1931 Hearts!

  6. What a Great post ! Loved seeing all these beautiful rugs & different colors people used for their rugs .

  7. wow that is some wonderful rugs! It is great to see how different people hook the same pattern.


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