Sunday, November 8, 2020

Couldn't Take It Any Longer

I did manage to bind Old Tom and binding Woolly Santa binding has just begun.  But just couldn't stand not having a rug on my frame any longer.  Yes I've plenty of drawn patterns in my stash.  But my heart was set on doing my own version of the sweet Homestead Design  by Terri Leamer.  Of course I have $11 for the pdf pattern but wanted to put my own spin on the design with a log cabin, and other critters.

I had a slew of drawings to choose from and placed them in various positions to decide what I wanted.  
Even cut in half a huge piece of linen to use the flip side for my wanna be design.  It happens to be a doll to match one I'd made a few years ago.  This is what the pattern looked like but the hooking never came to fruition.
Below is the doll I'd made and subject of the never hooked piece.
After a couple days of frustration and failed planning efforts for my wanna be design, I pulled something from my stash.  At least it is giving me comfort having immediate gratification as the wool was also gathered and I've a hook in my hand again....ah...happiness.  
Haven't pulled many loops as I've been preparing for rug camp ~ leaving around noon.  I pray I don't come home with Covid and am equipped with several masks, a face shield and even taking my own pillow cases to place over the hotel cases.  Also taking wipes to make sure everything is wiped down and a spray for the room and sheets. 

After coming home I have a suspicion eventually I'll nix my design and purchase Winter Cottage Studios design by Terri Leamer; after all, hers is a nice design.



  1. Safe travels and prayers for a safe and fun filled retreat

  2. safe and healthy travels! I am sure you are taking all the right precautions and it will be good for the soul. I have that pattern to hook also I believe oh the patterns I have and no time.

  3. Ok...this is pissing me off....3rd attempt at leaving a comment.... After typing and typing (yeah, you know me, a woman of MANY words), and hitting "publish" I get a "WHOOPS" error and my comment disappear. This has happened several times already and I am beginning to get paranoid. (Ok, don't laugh at the "paranoid" thing.) ANYWAYS, you started "Over the Moon"? And then you're going to be working on your New Year's Eve from camp also? Well, you are quite the ambitious hooker... but I guess I already knew that. I am still puddling through my Salem Village - close enough to see a potential end in sight, so am trying to go on. It has been pushed off too more time and I am likely never to return. I may try to finish a second hooked stocking I started years ago also (this being subject to my ability to locate it). My original plan was to do for me, one for my husband, and one for my son...but I only got one done....and even if I do finish the second, I don't foresee it being really finished as that is an incredible PITA. Well, as I said before, have fun!! Don't do anything I wouldn't do (that leaves you pretty much wide open LOL).... Remember that I am only licensed to practice in Wisconsin and the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in Illinois. (Don't ask LOL) Cheers. ~Robin~

  4. Newburyarts...
    I purchased that pattern and really like it...but i too enlarged it to 30x54 in size and altered much to add other things like sheep and a house instead of cabin.
    I changed the horse as well...
    Have fun at your rug camp!!!

  5. Glad you made a choice, though it doesn’t sound like you’ll have much time for it. I hope you have a wonderful time at rug camp. My early February class has already been cancelled, so lucky you that this one is moving forward!!

  6. Have a great time!!!safe travels,,,,

  7. Hope you are having a Wonderful time at Rug Camp !!!!

  8. So glad you get to go to camp. Start taking your vitamins now:-) (Yes, I'm a mother hen.)

  9. Almost time for you to come home from camp. I am just a little behind. I'm sure you had a wonderful time. I leave tomorrow for my retreat. Really ought to think about!
    Terri has so many wonderful patterns...and if you've never met her, is one of the sweetest hookers around.


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