Saturday, November 21, 2020

Getting Closer on New Years Eve

For my friends who said I'd be done hooking New Years Eve pattern by this didn't happen; but it's close.  
For you newbies here is a little lesson to tuck into your grey matter.  First I must say I'm not fond of directional hooking as I personally find it boring.  BUT, if you notice the up and down direction of hooking and color change gives it the appearance of the inside of a tree trunk with bear paw clawing to make it his home.  Uh, my interpretation.

Also notice the slanted directional hooking of the floor to give the appearance of distance from the lantern which would be smaller than the bookcase on the far right.  It's to give the illusion of distance.

I still have to face hooking the Coleman lantern but want to finish the right side of the rug first.  BUT...if you recall, there is a clock on top of the book case, right?  Teehee, wait until you see how I handle that.

Love keeping my readers waiting on the edge of their seats.  Or, maybe there aren't any readers waiting, lol.



  1. You have a lot Done!
    Looks great the way you have done everything,,,

  2. Oh he looks great! I cant wait to see what you have done with the clock. I am almost done too! I know I changed the clock as I thought it was very important in the rug as it is new year's eve. I will post mine tonight.

  3. Looks Wonderful and your helpful tips !!!

  4. I know you're not going to believe me but, before actually read your post, I looked at the photo and thought wow...she did a great job with the directional hooking. Seriously. It's looking great. I figure I have a week (+??) stitching yet on Salem Village and then can pick up something else. As I said, I like stitching/hooking "in season" but usually it is too late in the season for me to get to a project and/or make any real progress on it before it is "out of season." I do have a bit (very teeny,tiny, one) of a hooking urge....just not for the Beast LOL. I know I was close to finishing a (second) hooked stocking...but put off actually finishing hooking it as I knew I would then have to tackle the ACTUAL finishing process...which is a pain....but now my clever (ha!) avoidance technique has me puzzled as to where I stashed it...or the wool for it. Hmmmm.... Another thing to keep me up nights. ~Robin~


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